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What should I expect to learn from my physics master's degree if I am going to do an MBA right after that?

Now I am doing my M.Sc from one of the NITs. I am preparing for MBA along with M.Sc, actually I was interested in MBA from B.Sc 3rd year itself. I was preparing for  M.Sc from B.Sc  1st year, but my choice changed during 3rd year. At that time it was not possible for me to suddenly prepare for MBA, therefore I decided to go for M.Sc first for which I had been preparing for past 2 years. Now I have just started my and going to appear for CAT15, I'm not sure whether I can get a good college this time, most probably next year will be the year when I'll finish and join MBA. So What should I try to get from this course?  And what minimum cgpa should I try to get?

I have 92,88,86 in 10th,12th &

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All you could do in the situation is to live in the present. You are into your masters so why not do it with all your interest, learn as much as you can,enhance your technical skills, and couple them with your managerial skills once you complete your MBA .

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