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Updated 19 Nov, 2003.

with a gut feeling that CAT 2003's gonna be a 3-section paper, have decided to dedicate the next coupla days to solve only 3-sectional papers...hence chucked out FCT 5, 6, and 7...took up FCT 8 today...scores are still high, but ive sobered up when it comes to the no. of attempts...the main reason is tat i've stopped guessing (completely in DI and RC)...and employ intelligent guessing in Quant (tho doesnt work most of the times)....and with the help of these 3-section tests, ive been trying to come up with the best strategy for optimum performance on 23rd !
it was a 150 qn 3-sectional paper...
started of with Verbal...EU was decent...and RC passages were pretty simple and easy to understand...had my best accuracy in EU and RC today!
then moved over to DS...the instructions were different this who ever missed it might get the whole set as crackable...and some guesses worked...DI tho looks dicey, had sufficient no. of sitters in each Set...and in the bacha hua time, did a coupla LR Qns here and there...
Quant was a lol tough, Qns were lengthy..and were typical Simcat type Qns...
but overall a decent paper...Quant and DI looks quite CAT-type...but EU/RC was on the easier side!
QA - 26/22/4/21
VA - 49/43/6/41.5
DI - 25/24/1/24.75
Net - 100/89/11/86.25
not bad a score...wat abt the rest ?

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