SOMEONE PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME...!! I am naturally very talented in drawing and painting. I am also very passionate about it. However, I have a weird superstition that if I draw or paint, something bad might happen to my parents. As a result I don't dare to draw or paint despite my talent and passion. Guys, what should I do? I can't live without drawing and painting but at the same time I can't shake this superstition off my head. I can't talk about this issue with anyone in real life. Internet is my only hope. PLEASSE HELP ME!!!

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@SimpleGuy101 dont worry make someone legally adopt you then your parents will change and the curse you mentioned will gradually shift to your 2nd parents then you start painting and whatever happens will hit your second parents so you will get their property as well as their cash. And your real parents will be safe. But you make sure to thank me after this ends. all the best

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@Tremor_30 Although I was dead serious, I really enjoyed your sarcasm.

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