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any puy'ian in love or ever been in love?? post your encounter(s) with this lethal disease, all set for groans!!! dunno whats wrong wid me...just being sappy think m in luv :: after effects of 914
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Seeing the responses on this thread and the votes on my post, I think its time we lock this thread. 😃

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Had a massive crush on a cute PGDHRM girl recently ..............the same teenage kind of feeling

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been in love a couple of times earlier but now that I come to think of them, they were more of illusions and mirages, some teenager confused, floating around without senses.......currently in a very very very very steady and happy relationship..........found the woman of my dreams for sure........both of us are waiting for my MBA to complete .............and then mauja hi mauja

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I can understand what you would have gone through that day..Love/Infatuation is like this one moment you are the luckiest man on the planet and in another moment your are the most heartbroken person in the entire universe...

Spirit Talk:-Love is not an hollywood flick but a Bollywood flick with loads of drama,emotion...and yeah an interval after which the story takes a very steep turn either for good or for bad..(dependin on where your loyalties lie.)


The Only thing constant in Life-Change!
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Been in love a couple of times 😃 , maybe I can share one such occasion:

Let me flash back to the year 1998 when I was in my 10th standard. I was one of those quirky teenagers who could fall in love quite easily with almost anyone , not that I was a pervert, but I can safely say I was a bit extra-romantic ;)
She used to come to my evening english tuition classes. I was bewitched by her charms in the very first class we attended together :laugh:. She was my batchmate in school but she was not in the same section. Likewise, the only time we could 'see' each other was in the evening tuition classes. I remember those days, I used to eagerly wait for the tuition classes, the wait used to start right from the first rays of the sun!
School tiffin breaks were the best time in the day as I could sneak at her whereabouts most of the times and say a distant "Hi" at other times 😃
And the evening tuitions were like deja-vu days for me ... not that I'd any idea of what was been taught, most of my time was spent on talking to her and make her laugh with my (now visibly pathetic) jokes. I was clearly smitten!
As the days went by, my love just got deeper and one fine day, with a lot of support and courage, I decided to propose to her.
It was a monday and quite a rainy day. I was convinced that I'd rehearsed really hard (I even practised 'n' number of times in front of a mirror! ). I bought a rose for her from the nearest florist, and boy, was lucky to get a fresh piece at that time of the evening . For some odd reason, I decided to propose to her after the classes. As expected, all my time in that class was well spent on mental rehearsals of my proposal drills. Finally, at 7:00 pm, the class got over.
She was there talking to my tuition mates, when I approached her with the rose carefully hid behind the palms of my right hand. She was talking about the great time she had on the weekend. Not finding a starting point, I thought "lemme listen to her, when she's done and the other folks depart, I can step in". So, I stood there nodding my head (like a bafoon!) every now and then till she said this:
"And.. so, after the movie, my boyfriend came and I cooked him a great great lunch.. then we went to the park for a walk, my boyfriend then took me for a fantastic dinner"
What was that? "A boyfriend???" the thoughts harpooned through my mind like repetitive arrows from a crossbow... I was completely shattered, and in my delirium, I crushed the rose which I had so far hid with utmost care under my palms. As blood started to gush out from my palms (the thorns being the culprit), I knew... love was going to be ephemeral in my life! ;)



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Well, been in love a few times, and had my share of heartbreaks too. But then, if you believe in love, you do tend to put the past behind you, and move on. :)

I'm not really sure, what 'share it here' is supposed to mean, though.

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Whadda thread! :cheerio:

As sir log telling, no. of serious posts will be lesser. But the thread will be hit most number of times. :w00t: I never ever had this love story going along with me (Only feminine, again :w00t:). But yeah, in our lingo, as we call it.. "Mahila Mitra".. wo to bahut saari hain..! Ohh.. what did i speak!

Never fallen in love with a girl, if i drop out the "Little Manhattan" from my box, it was one sided, alas! Soon, responsibilities prevailed and forgot everything and bindaas!

P.S.: I do respect people in love and those who are devoted for it. But aaram se, haan! Dil pe nahi lene ka! :)

P.P.S. Groans are welcome! :)

Love to love you - The Corrs
Black is the color of my true love's hair - The Corrs

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I am not too sure many people would prefer to come on a public forum and share there love stories. Besides, some things are better left personal. But, I don't want to close this thread only because I feel so, if people are fine discussing on this thread, then go ahead, provided you don't get too personal with the details of steamy sessions. ;)

But, if folks feels it is not worth having this thread on, thank my post. If I get a good count of thanks, then we pull this down.

Killing two birds with one stone ? :wink: :wink:
I have been in love ...With PG
But on a serious note I think that there are a number of similar threads and hence Mods should now perform the last rites of this thread..Sorry for the heartbreak Mr Thread starter
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me l

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Well, just posting a link to another thread where you might happen to post too if you're going to post on this thread ;)


PS1: Sorry for the spam. Couldn't resist
PS2: I guess this thread would have a natural death :|
PS3: I've been in love but not going to post here certainly :laugh:

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