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One thing fellows what i saw is people appeared in both papers and attendance was approxmately 90% at my centre so every one came because only one day was given previously after GS most people who score below their expected level did not appear in the subsequent paper on the next given day so by going this i thing more number students appearing might change the dynamics of the cutoff and it can rise considerely, hope this shoud not stop serius candidate from appearing in mains. Those who are above 240-245 start your mains preparation as soon as possible. Conventional will be unconventioanl this time as UPSC is quite unpredictable . Dont follow previous year paper too much nothing will come this time. See IFOS 2016 paper 1 the production part and materials part was from those topics which we consider not important so focus more on non important topics than on important topics

Zindagi chahte ho to humse bachke rehna, jahaa nimbu nahi jata waha pe nariyel gushed dete hai

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@iasnext__93 @iasnext__93  ·  12 Jan, 2017

@kumaries when i will get selected i will tell you my name why should i tell to some anonymois person on pagalguy i m smart enough

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@kumaries @kumaries  ·  12 Jan, 2017
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