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Intoduction to EduShastra, hybrid model of online and offline classes, money back gurantee.

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EDUSHASTRA, as the word itself makes clear, it is like giving all the "Astra and Shastra" to the students to go ahead and hit the target either GMAT or CAT.

While going through the Educating process of Edushastra, it made me surprise, is this kind of methodology can be used by any education body which is real need of every student so that he or she can give his or her best. Whether you talk about their batch formation process, course structure, or money back promise, everything is phenomenal.

Firstly, and most importantly providing complete solution to students starting from choosing B-school to securing admission. EDUSHASTRA treats the students like a seed and nurture till they become the final product of their desire. EDUSHASTRA is holding hand of every student and providing ONE-ON ONE services of their requirement.

They have a unique and comprehensive database which is like a magical thing for students as it ensures customized school selection that is customized to student’s requirements.

EDUSHASTRA offers free admission counselling and so many VAS (value added services) which you will rarely find in any coaching institute. They have a profile evolution based on IQ and EQ. Then they go for business school selection, accordingly profile mapping process, which is like making it so simpler for the students that they need not to take care of anything except preparation of exams. They support the students in the visa and educational loan part also.

Their "Hybrid Customized Interactive Teaching Model" is the major plus in the whole preparation process. Varying from home classes, Classroom coaching, Home group classes and 1-ON-1 TUTORING. Moreover, they provide "Customized and Personalized" education solutions, means you are going to get everything as per your comfort zone. You can ask for Regular programs, only verbal, only quantitative program etc. So, it is like" ONE STOP SOLUTION" to all your needs.

EDUSHASTRA has a variety of educating process online home classes, classroom coaching and online modes too. In Online mode, unlike other institution we offer "LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS" not the recorded ones.

Everyone knows about herd teaching but EDUSHASTRA is the one which focusses on INDIVIDUAL LEARNING as its motto is ONE-ON-ONE. It is EDUSHASTRA only who thinks according to students and then develop them. They focus on every student sharply to get to know his or her uniqueness, abilities and interest, and according to that learning environment is provided to maximizes the student’s potential.

Apart from the Regular batches, they offer two ELITE BATCHES 700+ and 750+ with "MONEY BACK PROMISE”. It is like next to impossible thing to imagine.

Their admission standard process stands ahead of any other institution process. First, they map each student in "Zero group" for a week, which is like introductory phase group. Based on student performance, their comprehensive database uses internal MAPPING SYSTEM, according to which students are invited for regular and ELITE batches. Internal mapping system maps based on Intellect, Intelligence, Aptitude, Attitude and commitment

EDUSHASTRA biggest power lies in this mapping system because it helps in the formation of "HOMOGENEOUS BATCHES" means similar students are grouped into same batches. It is so amazing for the students as it leads towards the perfect development and meaningful and healthy competition among students.

Above all is, its course structure, how systematically it is designed. It consists of 4 Phases, starting from introductory phase, then Foundation phase which is a batch formation stage, then we have testing and control phase. Introductory is the beginning which usually takes 2-4 sessions. Foundation covers the 20-50% of the whole course, covering all four section AWA, IR QS and VS. Testing phase includes the testing part in different forms to make the student adaptive in every aspects. Control phase look into any gaps in the test preparation.

The test offered by EDUSHASTRA is to search the student's "OPTIMAL SATURATION LEVEL”, so number of test has no limit, so this makes student to grow in every direction.

Most importantly EDUSHASTRA has an eye on "ZERO DEFECTS" methodology that is to create 100% PERFECT BATCH.

They offer the Custom-Built Testing Phase, which is like 550-650 phase, 650-700 phase, and 700+ phase. Each phase adopts different methods as per the student’s requirements.

Last but not the least, their most Highlighted thing is " and above that the "" which is the MOTTO of EDUSHASTRA.

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For we  Asians, GMAT is not about Quant but its only verbal. Verbal is an area  where we all struggle. Try to find best teachers in verbal. When I took demo in every institutes, I found Verbal Department is very strong in EduShastra. 

Their teachers are not only qualified but also their way of  teaching is exemplary.

One more feature which attracted me towards  is their total approach to education. I have not seen any institute refusing admissions. But in this institute, I saw many cases in which they refused admissions when the batch size was reaching more than 7-8  students. Most of the coaching centers keep on taking admissions even if  there are no seats available. Their Teacher-Student ratio is 1:7 which is their core competency.

One more feature  which I adored was their course structure. They very proudly discuss their course structure and its features. Others have nothing to talk  about except their past results which cannot be authenticated.

IIT, GMAT 780 April 2016
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Their methodolgy is unique. I am not very sure about details of "Evaluate & Deisgn Model" but the course structure and division of the courses into Mapping, Foundation, Testing & Control phase is really impressive.

Even reviews are good. Their responses to students queries is also satusfactory.

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*Edushastra* Critical ReviewTeachers  at Edushastra called me and asked me to write a review for them. I told  them it will be critical. Most of their students write to impress but I  want to write a critical Review.Overall, I  got my GMAT & CAT 2017 targets. My GMAT score was 710 & 780. My  CAT 2017 score was overall 99.98 percentile. I prepared on my own and  also took coaching help from edushastra. I found them helpful and  cooperative but then also I need to add some points.

  1. Experienced Teachers but dominant:  Most of the teachers are doctorate in their subject, and are very  experienced in teaching domain. But their following of old Guru-shishya  tradition is somewhat outdated. They will teach more like a father  teaching you. My understanding is teacher should be more like a friend.
  2. Structured but rigorous course:  The course is divided into levels and there are tests every now and  then. I felt that there are many evaluations and it becomes very  rigorous.
  3. Highly difficult testing phase: Their use of  different adaptive platforms also makes the things somewhat difficult  for students. When I crossed the 700 mark, I was put into concerto  platforms. It was the most difficult tests I have ever seen. After even  ten tests, my score was never able to cross even 710 and CAT mocks were  the same story.
  4. Not a Coaching class environment: I have  experience of attending many coaching classes in my student life. Right  from 10th standard, I have spent most of my evenings in coaching  classes. Edushastra has a very strict ambience and teachers are supreme.  It felt really like spending time in old guru ashrams.
  5. Too many Teachers in the panel:  There are 8-9 teachers in the panel and most of the topics are taught  by not less than 3-4 teachers. There philosophy is to show as many  techniques or approaches to solve a problem. They also advocate that the  student should make their own strategies or approaches after listening  to all teachers. But in my understanding, this philosophy can work with  good students but weak students need to latch on a teacher strategy  rather than making their own.
  6. Starting Mapping Test is too early to evaluate:  I also feel that the starting Mapping test is not a right way to start  the course. Mapping test is used by them to segregate the students into  different batches but then also it’s very intimidating to have a test  right at the starting of the course.

Hoping edushastra teachers will take this post in the right spirit.

 CAT 2017 99.98 %ile, GMAT 780 & 710 
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Teaching Pedagogy: Evaluate & Design Model

The  model objective is to provide personalized solution to each student.  Basic methodology is to evaluate every student and design a customized  “Course Module Plan” for each one of them.

Full-Length Computer-based & Computer-Adaptive Evaluation Tests are an integral part of the course. The first evaluation test is called  Mapping Test. Mapping test helps us in presumptive Module Designing for  the first phase. It also helps us in deciding the content level and  course pace.

Evaluation tests is an integral  part of the course. These tests help us in planning the course path and  changing it as the student performance evolves. Course structure and  modules can be different for every student even at the admission time.  For example, two students joining at the same time, can have different  modules and classes.

Tests also act as barriers.  There are 12 levels in the course and a student cannot advance to next  level till he/she scores minimum passing marks in the test. In this way,  the model keeps on segregating students into different groups according  to their abilities.

Courses Offered: GMAT, CAT & GMCAT (GMAT + CAT)

Course Structure and Levels:

All  Course is divided into four phases. Each phase is further divided into  three levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels). Thus, in  totality, the course has 12 different levels.

Mapping Phase: In  this phase, Instructor tries to analyse every student in the batch  based on their performance in the Mapping Test. In this phase, every  student is given a presumptive mapping score and batches are shuffled to  create a group of same mapped individuals.

Foundation Phase:  In this phase, all GMAT & CAT syllabus is covered. Every section is covered in such a way that all basics to advanced areas are taught.

Testing Phase: This phase involves Computer Adaptive Tests, Computer Based Tests and Paper Based Tests.

Control Phase: The last phase “Control Phase” involves working on each student’s “Weak Areas”.

Hybrid Customized Interactive teaching model: Blend of Online home classes, Classroom-coaching, Home group classes & 1-on-1 tutoring.

Individualized Learning v/s Herd Teaching:  We specialize in a method of teaching in which content, instructional  technology, and pace of learning are based upon the abilities and interest of each learner. We try to recognize the uniqueness of each student learner and thus provide adequate tutorial guidance.

Batch Size:  GMAT course structure has four phases. In first three phases (Mapping, Testing & Control Phase), the teaching is individualized. And in  foundation phase, the batch size is of 9-11 students.

Batch Selection Methodology:  We follow scientific selection and batch-making process. Batches are  made based on our internal "Parameter Mapping". Same mapped students are  grouped into same batch. In this way, we create homogeneous group in terms of Intellect, Intelligence (IQ), Aptitude, Attitude and  Commitment.

Every Batch is provided unique  and customized solution. The solutions are not only different in its  content but also in course structure, syllabus, approach, class schedule and program pace.

Admission Standard Operating Procedure:  Every new student is mapped into a "Zero Group" for a week. Zero group  is also called "Introductory Phase Group". After a week, students are  divided into five different groups based on everyone's performance in  the class and our internal "Mapping System”.

Internal  Mapping System is a process to mark or rate students based on their Intellect, Intelligence (IQ), Aptitude, Attitude and Commitment. Mapping  system also helps us in making "Homogeneous Batch". The same mapped  students are grouped into same batch.

Elite Batches:  We offer Two Elite batches in all courses. New Students cannot opt for these batches; the admission is through "Invitations" only.

Course Duration:  “Evaluate & Design Model” has no fixed tenure but on an average, students can complete the GMAT course in 2-3 months and GMCAT in 6-7  months.

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     My main reason for writing in this discussion forum is not to market or to defame anyone.   I scored 780 last week in GMAT and I am trying to make an online social group of all students who are trying for ISB (PGP), IIM-A (PGPX) or INSEAD-MBA (September 2017 Intake-Class of July 2018).
All students who are aiming for ISB-PGP, IIM-A (PGPX) and INSEAD-MBA, Let’s all make one online social group where we can discuss, strategize and help each other to reach our final aim.
   Introducing myself, after graduations, I started my own HR Firm. After four years of working, I decided to go for GMAT. I did lot of research, went to IMS, Career Launcher, Pythagurus, Manya Princeton, Edushastra, etc. Finally went for EduShastra, there were many reasons:

  1. Everyone talked about their past results and there was no talk of how they will help me. But EduShastra (ES) talked about their course, course structure, their competencies, their results, etc. I was more interested in knowing how will I become a topper rather than past stories.
  2. Everyone was totally commercial--Their Talks was like typical marketing persons but I didn’t feel the same with ES.
  3. Everyone classes were packed but ES had small batches of 9-12 students. They made different batches based upon their IQ level.
  4. I was pretty surprised when EduShastra talked about their “Money-Back Promise”. They were so confident of their teaching that they give money refund options when a student doesn’t get the desired results.

    I can keep on talking about many other things but its better you check their website
Pls connect with me at my linkedin ID so that we will start forming a group for our future aims.

Founder, Director, Entrepreneur, GMAT 780 Sept 2016
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