do you think invigilators should have pre-proper guidence !!!!!??!!!!!

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yaar wat an f...all the guidelines are for students only.... and not a single one is bounded for invigilators....i lost my 10 minutes because of them. they distributed copies after bell rang... and that too in wrong manner that leads them to take it back and redistribute it... also they only provided omr before quest.paper not even admission nothing.. seriously annoying.. this was my last chance and that too got a loss of about 10-15 marks just because of them..

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same here extremely frustated if had not scoring 110+(very low score considering cut off now) i certainly would have killed the examiner as well as invigilator i lost more than 20 mnt by their verbosity & never ending giggle-gaggle par aspirant ki toh es country mai koi kadar hi nhi hai

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