Delhi Vs Chennai Match Bhavishyawani 10 April 2021 | Aaj K Match Winning Chances Report Prediction

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 Over the past decade, it is a fun-filled fanfare. It is a clash between the best teams. Results were least predictable till the last ball.

Every edition sees a different form of fight between the bat and ball. There has been a lot of new addition of talent and glamour.

Statistics drive the result. Tally changes, points vary, performance dips. Series trend rapidly changes. Not all teams perform the same way every game.

They outclass opponents on the home turf but lose when away from home ground. Still, the fan following is unbelievable. It grows multifold every year.

Online viewership spikes. Many live streaming sites are there. Attendance shows upswing when the local team plays. People travel to the nearest cities if their favorite team plays away from home.

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