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Hey guys, I had appeared cat2015 and dont ask abt result! It is unexpectedly depressing. <smiley data-src="/emoji/pensive.png" alt="pensive" title="pensive" class="emoji" data-sigil="lazyload emoji" data-cdn="sm"></smiley> i hoped for a decent score but...nvrtheless i want to start all over again. frm the very scratch i meant! So am in a serious need of a person(s) who can guide me step by step so that i cud knw whr i went wrong! People who feel the same as me, pls join in. Trust me, this much dejection needs a motivation!

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Am in my final year of engineering and dejected with the result. Want to start from scratch. So i want you guys to help me out so that i cud start all over again. Its just january and i dont want to lag behind plus this time i want to be totally prepared. So i need u guys to guide me through this. Totally depressed but want to start again. Expected a decent score but what happened has shaken up my confidence馃様

Itsumo shiawaseni!
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