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  In the rapid advancement of mobile, business and customers have shifted their way to the interaction with their customers. Every business is trying to make their own business app for mobile. Nowadays there is an app for everything. S you have to stand up from the remaining apps in the market. Here are some of the important characteristics of a successful mobile app:

· IDEA- Every great app has an idea. But the great idea does not make a great app. Your app should be able to identify problem and should solve it.

· IDENTIFY THE TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC- When you will spend time in understanding how and who will be using your app, you will have the better chance of creating it successfully. Conducting user research in essential. After user research we will be able to create solution that is according to the need of the targeted audience. 

· UI DESIGN- There are so many apps in stores. As a result to stand apart from the apps, our first impression in user interface design. You should dedicate time and resource in creating beautiful and user friendly interface. 

· RESPONSIVE- Speed of the mobile app is our top priority. The successful app must respond instantly to the user input. The app which has slow response will degrade the user experience. Users need lightning fast results whenever they need them. 


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A measurement gauge is device that is used to make measurements. It displays certain dimwnsional information. These are wide variety of tools which function accordingly and ranging from simple pieces of material against which the size is measured. 

According to the use, gauge is device that can measure physical quantity. It displays the measurement of the monitored system which uses needle or point on a calibrated scale. The measurement gauge measures the values of metric.


There are four main types of gauges:

· Analogue instrument meter (analogue display)- There were used in past decades.

· Digital instrument (analogue display) - Commonly used in aircraft cockpits and hospital equipment. 

· Digital Instrument with digital display- Only numbers are shown on display. 

· Analogue instrument meter with digital display- Only number displayed with the help of mechanical or electro-mechanical display. 

The first two are basic types. They are easy for the human eye. The remaining two types only display digits which are complex for human eye to read as well as interpret. 


· Bore gauge- used to measure holes

· Caliper- used to measure distance between two opposite sides of object. 

· Center gauges- It is an engineering gauge used in checking the angles.

· Comb type gauge- a ruler-shaped gauge with two supports. 

· Dial indicator- used to accurately measure small linear distances. 

· Feeler gauge- used to measure gap widths.

· Thermometer- used to measure temperature.

· Ring gauge- used to check the external diameter of a cylindrical object.

· Radius gauge- used to measure the radius of object. 

· Profile gauge- used to record cross-sectional shape of the surface. 

· Micrometer- used to get precise measurement of small distances in mechanical engineering. 

· Grind gauge- It is flat steel block in the surface.

· Go/no go gauge-It is an inspection tool to check the work piece against tolerances. 


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The full form of LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas. LPG is used in daily household practices and also in industrial plants. LPG gas is made of propane and butane, which are flammable hydrocarbon fuel gases. These gases are used for heating, cooking as well as in vehicles. 

LPG is most likely used in cooking, hot water, heating, and auto gas. We get LPG gas from oil and gas wells. The manufacturing process of LPG includes natural gas processing and crude refinery process. 

LPG is made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms that forms propane and butane. While natural gas is made up of lighter methane. LPG is a group of flammable hydrocarbon gases that are liquefied through the process of pressurization. Natural Gas is liquefied cryogenically. 

LPG is stored in steel vessels which range from large gas cylinders and tanks. These tanks are then transported to LPG Dealer who owns LPG Dealership license. LPG is a fossil fuel that does not occur in isolation. They come form drilling oil and gas wells. Products of LPG are found naturally. They are found in the combination of hydrocarbon, crude oil and natural gas. LPH is then liquefied and stored in pressure vessels.  


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PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Mnagement. It is a two year business management program which is focused on the industry requirements. It helps management aspirants to develop hard skills and soft skills as well. It is called diploma because it is awarded by those schools who are governed by All India Council for Technical Education. PGDM adds a great value beyond regular MBA. 

It is very crucial to pick the right program and the right b-school that will suite your career. We have to think about the money we will spent on it and also ROI. Here are some of the criterias:

· Rankings and Accreditation- Accreditations are considered as a benchmark for the quality of management education. Some of the national and international accreditations are AMBA, AACSB, EQUIS AND NBA. These accreditations are given after examining various aspects such as: quality of curriculum, infrastructure, teaching methodology. Rankings help in measuring the quality of the program. 

· Curriculum and Faculty- PGDM is industry oriented curriculum. Nowadays, business are data-driven and demand for knowledge in emerging technologies. Faculty who are involved in research and have deep understanding of industries will be helpful for students. 

· Alumni and Peer Group- Look for the alumni on the colleges website as well as search them on LinkedIn and see what they are doing, connect with them and understand about the program and its benefits. Alumni students give you the first hand review of the program and their experience as well. 

· Summer Internship and Live Projects- These two are the intrinsic part of PGDM course. Corporates hire students as interns to get to work on real-life business problems. 

· Placement Reports- This is the most important parameter. Aspirants should look for the average, highest and lowest salaries offered. It may help you gain an insight on the program. 


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