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Hi puys, as most of us are among the young citizens of this great nation, and arguably its future leaders (corporate if not social) I think we must debate this crisis as it has put our democracy's very legitimacy in *Red Jeopardy* I mean no o...
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Interesting stats on Kashmir from an IIM B graduate !

The second issue of hurt is regarding their socio-economic condition. In every indicator J & K stands in the top rung of all the states.
Some of the indicators are:
1. Per capita Consumption of Electricity at 759KWh (2006-2007) is much higher than in UP , MP , Rajasthan, Bihar,WB, etc.
(Rajya Sabha Question No.2908-21-04-0.
2. Per Capita Central assistance at Rs.
2860 (in 2000) much higher than all states; with TN at Rs.260 and UP at 385 and WB at 426 and all India figure of Rs. 395. If at all; the rest of India should be hurt about it.Even total assistance of Rs 2631 crore in 2000 is the highest among states.
(Rajya Sabha Question Nb.1370 dated 0308-2000.) 3. State-wise per capita availability of Milk in India (2005-2006) at 353 gms per day for J & K is much higher than most of the states with all-India average at 241 gms per day . (Rajya Sabha Question 1801 dated 11-08-2006).
4. State-wise per capita allocation for Agriculture and Rural development (2002-2003) at Rs. 305 (Rs.245 and Rs.60) is much higher than most states including TN at Rs. 188 and AP at Rs. 125, Maharashtra Rs 202 (leave alone BIMARU states) with all-India average at Rs.
152.(Lok Sabha Question 4659 dated 2304-03).
5. State-wise per capita expenditure (Current and capital) on health in India in 2001 at Rs. 363 is much higher than most states with TN at 170, AP at 146, UP at Rs. 83 and WB at Rs. 206 and a national average of 167. (Rajya Sabha question no. 756 dated 28-07-2003) 6. State-wise average monthly per capita consumption expenditure of farmers in India in 2003 at Rs. 712 for J & K is the third highest in India next to Punjab at Rs 828 and Haryana at Rs. Rs 741 with national average being Rs 502. (Rajya Sabha Question 1759 dated 08-12-2005).
7. The distribution of households in terms of ownership of dwellings at 94 per cent is one of the highest in India (Table H-5 Census of India The StateJ&K; Census 2001). We find that this state is among the top quartile or among the top percentile in every socio economic indicator.

Link: THE REAL INDICATORS - Stop the humbug called ?Kashmir is hurt?
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Rockball, that consideration for the 'other' is naturally imbued in us from birth is the greatness of our society. We don't hesitate to talk about it even when it may involve topics verboten in many other countries - be it affirmative action for upliftment of underprivileged communities or the right to self-determination of a breakaway territory - that will to question ourselves is only limited to few materially advanced western countries and has no parallel in this part of the world. Truly, Indian society is a marvel, but for the same reason equally vulnerable, to those who may use our 'softness' to manipulate us. That is why we need to be discreet when considering wanton allegations like imperialism.

AFAIK Imperialism is an intention of one country to dominate another weaker country and exploit its resources. India has done no such thing in Kashmir. Almost to the contrary, article 370 grants Kashmir special status and relative autonomy. People from other parts of India cannot buy land in Kashmir but Kashmiris are free to do the same - in addition, Kashmir enjoys more economic sops than most states in India - these unprecedented overtures rule out the question of exploitation.

Imperialism again, would intend to deny the people representation in the electoral process, but UN observers have verified that the last elections were free and fair, and no-one, even millitants and seperatists were barred from it. If the seperatists think they are the dominant voice in the state why don't they contest the elections and win?

And I disagree that we are not in a position to decide what is good for the Kashmiris. To use a rough analogy here - a mother knows best that her kid must not hang out in bad company, even if the kid may be adamant to do the same. Just as the mother's sanction is approved by society at large over the free will of the immature kid, the international community believes that democratic and rising India has the right to hold on to Kashmir in a tough neighbourhood, because the 'bad company' that had planted thoughts of secession are the Taliban like extremists who seek to convert Kashmir into a religious state like Pakistan. Infact, after a free Kashmir would guaranteed become the new operating base of the pro-Taliban extremists, who are under extreme pressure in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Would we want those crazy people living within hours of New Delhi? More importantly, would we want to relinquish the right of the youth of Kashmir, to education and employment and leave them to become fodder for religious fanatics?

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Your post sums it up well. Is India being imperialistic to keep hold of Kashmir? Maybe, but then India has not gained much by doing so.

Our feud with China would almost end if we let go off Kashmir since I think Kashmir is the bigger thorn than Arunachal.

Would other states agitate and ask for independence? This would not happen. They have realised that independently all account for nothing. At most, some regions like Telangana would ask more separate states.

Personally I don't want to let go off Kashmir. It really is like the crown on our head. But then, its about time Kashmiris get what they want. And we are in no position to decide if its good for them or not.
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Hi puys, as most of us are among the young citizens of this great nation, and arguably its future leaders (corporate if not social) I think we must debate this crisis as it has put our democracy's very legitimacy in Red Jeopardy

I mean no offence when I call this a Kashmir crisis, as its as much a crisis confronting the people of Jammu, but being forthcoming in laying bare my intentions in doing so - protestors in Jammu are not the ones waving Pakistani flag (with cries of Death to India!) and are not a remote threat to our unity.

Why this day - well, as your keen op-ed scanning MBA eyes might have noticed, leading columnists - Vir Sanghvi of HT, Jug Suraiya of TOI, have come out in open support of the Kashmiri secessionists and their so called Independence movement. In addition, Arundhati Roy, of Iam-an- independant-mobile-republic-down-with-USA fame has called an end to Indian imperialism (Does she mean Outsourcing?) a day after the two opinion pieces, as if on cue.

Many people are of the belief that the secession of Kashmir from India is a an impossibility, beyond the obvious rhetoric, because of long-term interests invested in the state

1. It will embolden China to force its claim on Arunachal, and more (who knows?)

2. Seperatists in other parts of India will know that India's bluff of inviolable territorial integrity, and agressively press for the same.

3. Vital rivers originate in Kashmir and under Pakistani control would be a strategic blunder endangering water security of all years to come.

4. Kashmir itself was named after sage Kashyap, testament to its ancient ties with our land, the glowing forge for various traditions and parts of Indian culture. Losing Kashmir will be like losing Pakistan and Bangladesh and continue the legacy

As for writers expressing their opinions - this remains a free country to the limit of inefficacious to do anything about cracking down on disturbers of the peace, whether violent (Terrorists) or intellectual. You may not agree, but I am sure you will all agree that if you did the same in the Host country of the Olympics, you would serve a sentence for 're-education through hard-labour' for the remainder of your life; and in the country that claims Kashmir - well their record in handling seperatists in Balochistan and Bangladesh makes a study for crimes against humanity.

Sorry if I offended anyone. Please pool in your thoughts.

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