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When entering into the crowdfunding platform, ICO is the best platform for raising funds and capital. So that Initial Coin Offering is the best fundraising mechanism for crypto startups. Most of the country legalized cryptocurrency, mainly in India. In India, many young entrepreneurs are more interested in starting a business or investing. So this Initial coin offering platform helps these entrepreneurs to raise their fundraising and improve their business enlargement. Launching an ICO is not a simple task. So, I would like to suggest some ideas on how to select the better solution provider for the ICO launch.

The following criteria that you must take when you launch an ICO:

  1. Eminent Services with quality support
  2. Blockchain implementation
  3. High-end Security features
  4. Customer feedback and reviews

Before selecting an ICO launch services provider, you need to figure out what are the services that they implement in the business. Some of the main features are,

  1. Token Development Services
  2. Smart contract Development
  3. Token with high-end standards
  4. Support for three stages in ICO development
  5. Crypto payment gateway
  6. Multi-currency Wallet setup

And much more. When I was a startup entrepreneur, I landed up into the Icoclone. They are the leading crowdfunding platform provider across the world. They not only provide the ICO launch services and implement an ample amount of features in a securable manner. For more information, contact them via,

Whatsapp / Telegram: +91 95005 75285
Skype: live: hello_20214

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Most of the Startup and Entrepreneurs are investing their hard-earning money to Create a Crypto token. Crypto token is nothing but it is the digital asset that has different functionalities and features compared to altcoin and bitcoins. There are several types of Crypto token, they are,

  1. Utility token
  2. Security token
  3. Asset token
  4. Currency token
  5. Loyalty token

If you are planning to create your own Crypto token, Make yourself proud that you chose the right way to enlarge your Business. Before creating your own Crypto token, you must know the benefits of creating a crypto token.

  1. P2P Decentralized network
  2. Supports Multiple Crypto tokens
  3. Cost-Effective Transactions
  4. Wallet App Supports Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows
  5. Reliable Transaction

Icoclone offers the leading Crypto Token Development Services that have ample amount of experience in Creating token development with a reliable token standard such as, ERC20, TRC20, and much more., 

Stay Connected via, 

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It was 12 years ago, on January 3, 2009, that a person or group of people under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto launched the main bitcoin network, mining a genesis block with 50 BTC. A few days later, on January 12, the first bitcoin transaction took place: Satoshi Nakamoto sent 10 BTC to Hal Finney. And more recently, in July 2020, information appeared on the Whale Alert Twitter account that before his mysterious disappearance more than ten years ago, Nakamoto managed to mine 1,125,150 BTC. Now, when bitcoin has reached the mark of $41,000, the value of these coins would exceed $45 billion, and Nakamoto would have taken the 25th place among the richest people on the planet.
Here, in fact, we have already announced the most important news of the past week: the quotes of the main cryptocurrency exceeded $41,000 on Friday, January 8. Thus, starting in December 2020, in just five weeks, each BTC coin grew 115% heavier.
Which pleases not only investors, but also miners. December turned out to be their most successful month in the last three years. According to the analytical service Block Research, in December the total revenue of miners reached $692 million, which is almost $1 million per hour.
At the moment, the cryptocurrency mining market is dominated by China, which, according to some estimates, accounts for more than 50% of the global hash rate. The head of Ripple even called Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies controlled by China.
By the way, about Ripple. The last week and a half have given some hope to the owners of this altcoin. Recall that while the rest of the top coins were growing in price, the XRP/USD pair, starting from November 24, was steadily going down. Starting at $0.77, it fell to $0.17 by the end of 2020, shrinking 78%.
But this is not all either. The biggest disaster awaited Ripple in the futures market. On December 23, the price of the March futures for this token fell to $0.00023 on the BitMEX derivative platform. Investors sold 80 million coins in one minute - this is how the market reacted to the lawsuit of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which accused this startup of illegally selling securities under the guise of XRP for $1.3 billion.
Now the situation has stabilized somewhat, and XRP/USD is quoted at $0.31 on January 8. And if a trader placed orders in advance to buy Ripple at the minimum price, then they made a profit of 1350% in just the last two weeks.
Returning to the main cryptocurrency, we note that its volatility, of course, is not as cosmic as that of Ripple, but it still remains more than impressive, reaching 10% per hour. The Crypto Fear & Greed Index is in a very overbought zone: at 95 out of 100. But, despite this, following the BTC/USD quotes, the total crypto market capitalization continues to grow steadily, having reached $1.1 trillion. At the same time, the bitcoin dominance index came close to 70%.

 Investors' optimism was added by the imminent coming to power in the United States of the Joe Biden administration. The founder of the Galaxy Digital crypto bank, Mike Novogratz, noted on CNBC that Trump's team was never able to stop the record growth of the main cryptocurrency, and expressed hope that financial regulators under the leadership of the new president would take a more loyal position. “I hope that after the inauguration [January 20, 2021] we will get more progressive regulators. I will be happy to wait for the new administration and get a regulatory framework that supports rather than fights cryptocurrencies,” said Novogratz.
As for the entry into the market of large institutional investors, in addition to regulatory restrictions, they are hampered by extremely high volatility of major cryptocurrencies. Thus, experts at the investment bank JPMorgan believe that the image of an alternative to gold will make bitcoin even more popular and predict its growth to $146,000. But this requires convergence of the volatility indicators of bitcoin and gold, and this is a "multi-year process."
Looking at what's been happening with bitcoin lately, JPMorgan's estimate may seem too conservative to many. According to investment analytics from Pantera Capital, the market is just weeks away from seeing Bitcoin price at $115,000. Speaking on CNBC, Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital investment company, called the limited supply of bitcoin as a key driver of growth in the value of this cryptocurrency. Currently, giants like PayPal and Grayscale are buying more BTC than bitcoin miners can mine, he explained.
At the moment, Bitcoin and Ethereum Grayscale trusts have accumulated digital assets of $14.075 billion and $1.808 billion, respectively. And, according to analyst Kevin Rooke, this giant continues to buy bitcoins, which suggests that Grayscale is set for long-term growth in the value of the largest digital currency.
Another popular analyst, Willie Woo, agrees with this. In his opinion, after bitcoin crossed the border of $24.000, it became clear that the market finally came under the control of long-term investors.
Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges, also raised its forecast. “We thought the $50,000 price was reasonable, but that number will definitely be higher. I think that we will reach $75.000 - $100.000 for 1 BTC, by the end of 2021” says the CEO of its US unit Catherine Coley.
And finally, the most daring predictions for the BTC/USD pair, made by Insider co-founder Henry Blodget and the CEO of the Kraken bitcoin exchange Jesse Powell: both named $1 million per coin. However, the former believes that this will happen thanks to speculators, while the latter relies on the growth of institutional investments in cryptocurrency.
As for altcoin No.1, the capitalization of ethereum has exceeded $140 billion, which is many times more than that of such auto giants as, for example, General Motors ($59.5 billion), BMW ($47.1 billion) and Ferrari ($36.2 billion). Capital inflows into ETH will be even more significant in 2021, according to Messari analyst Ryan Watkins. Some investors are already concentrating exclusively on ethereum. And the key event for this altcoin will be the launch of ethereum futures on the Chicago Exchange (CME). In general, according to the estimates of the trader of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Michael van de Poppe, a strong rally in the altcoin market should start after the first quarter of this year. 

 Here you can find some general answers to the most common questions about cryptocurrencies.    

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Cryptocurrency is the future of digital currencies, so this is the right time to start your crypto orientated business. In the crypto industry, there are a lot of business opportunities that are available. Here I would like to explain the top five Blockchain Business ideas.

  1. Healthcare Industry
  2. Fundraising with ICO, STO and IEO
  3. Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms
  4. Voting Systems
  5. Advertising and Marketing

Select any one of the blockchain business ideas and grow your business wisely. In my viewpoint, one of the easiest ways to grow your business and funds is the Crypto Crowdfunding platform. If you are the person looking to raise your funds quickly. You can use the crowdfunding strategy. In the Crypto Crowdfunding platforms there are three main platforms there, Initial Coin Offering(ICO), Security Token Offering(STO) and Initial Exchange Offering(IEO). For more information check out this article entitled Top 5 Blockchain Business ideas which illustrates the above 5 business ideas which will help to grow up your business. 

If you want to raise your funds through Crowdfunding platforms, then get a quick response with Icoclone via,

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Launching ICO involves a certain process. 
Analyze the requirements of the clients and do certain research on the needs.
Come up with a solid plan to create an ICO token.
A stunning dashboard for traders to trade in the ICO
Precise White paper creation to pinpoint the ideology behind the ICO tokenization. 
Market the token globally and attract the best investors for crowdfunding.
Deploy the software to make crowdsourcing a profitable one for your investors.

Icoclone is expertise in providing ICO launch services as per the business requirements and to generate profitable capital for your upcoming business venture. 

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This ERC20 token development is the P2P network that has value and can be sent or received like any other cryptocurrencies(bitcoin, litecoin, etc.). The main advantage of erc20 tokens is the other applications of smart contracts can interact with these tokens. So that's why the Ethereum platform plays one of the most powerful in the crypto ecosystem.

Before you create an Ethereum token, you must know the two concepts, they are,

1) Ethereum Virtual Machine

2) the Main Cost of Creating Ethereum token

These two factors are prominent before you create an ERC20 token.

Hence, many factors decide the cost of creating ethereum tokens. If you want to know more information, refer to this article on Ethereum Token Development - Price range and specifications.

Want to create an Ethereum token? Hire the best Ethereum token Development Service provider. Icoclone is one such company that can 

ensure you the best services when it comes to ERC20 token development.

Or Else, you can contact Icoclone and clarify your inquiries via,

Whatsapp/Telegram: +91 95005 75285



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 What has been expected from bitcoin for three whole years has come true. It not only renewed the all-time high, not only broke through the $20,000 level, but also soared in a short period from December 12 to 17 from $18,000 to $23,620, adding more than 30%.
If we compare the rallies in December 2017 and December 2020, the main difference between them, according to many experts, is that in the first case, the main driving force was retail investors, but now it is institutional. According to the analytical company Chainalysis, the "population" of bitcoin whales (1000 BTC and more) has been expanded with 302 new wallets since the beginning of the year and peaked at 2274 at the end of last month, and balances at the corresponding addresses increased by 1.4 million BTC during this time.
To be fair, it should be noted that the number of retail users is also growing. The number of bitcoin addresses with a non-zero balance has approached the mark of 33 million, updating the historical maximum, according to the data of the analytical service Glassnode. The number of wallets with a balance of more than 1 BTC is also steadily growing. The indicator has set a new record at 827,105 recently, recovering from a slight recession at the end of September.
Of course, we have written about this many times, the coronavirus pandemic contributed to the popularization of bitcoin. However, it is probably early to talk about the mass acceptance of cryptocurrencies by the population. So, in a survey conducted by Opinium and AltFi among UK residents, only 10% said they bought a cryptocurrency. And although the results of 2020 can be viewed as an undoubted improvement - a year ago the figure was half as much, 5.3% - it is still a very small percentage, which leaves significant potential for growth in the crypto market, the total capitalization of which reached $670 billion on December 17.
It should be noted that despite the fact that BTC/USD quotes have already by far exceeded the high of 2017, the capitalization has not reached its record value of $830 billion, recorded on 07 January 2018. That is, the rise in the value of bitcoin is fueled by significantly smaller amounts of fiat than before, which may indicate the pair is strongly overbought. This is evidenced by the values of the Crypto Fear & Greed Index, which rose again in seven days from 89 to 95 and is very close to the maximum value of 100 points. But while waiting for a correction, one should take into account that the end of the year is now, the Christmas holidays are coming, and the most unexpected things can happen on the thin market - from zero volatility to new spikes to the north.

 So, is it worth waiting for a repeat of the "crypto winter" of late 2017 - 2018? Or, after a slight correction, the BTC/USD pair will again rush to new heights?
Bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki is convinced that cryptocurrency will continue to rise to $50,000 next year amid further influx of institutional money. The entrepreneur, having said that “America is in trouble”, precludes the “death” of the US dollar and a “bright future” for gold, silver, bitcoin.
The well-known Dutch cryptanalyst PlanB, who developed the popular BTC stock-to-flow valuation model, believes that the price of the reference cryptocurrency may rise to $100,000 by the end of 2021, and maybe up to $300,000. PlanB admits that his outlook sounds extremely optimistic and even somewhat amusing for some investors. However, the rise in the price of bitcoin in the past allows him to make such predictions.
According to analysts from the financial conglomerate JPMorgan Chase, institutional investors can invest up to $600 billion in the first cryptocurrency in the coming years. This requires that American, European and Japanese insurance companies and pension funds invest only 1% of their assets in bitcoin.
As JPMorgan lead strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou noted, the recent $100 million investment by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company marks another milestone in the adoption of the first cryptocurrency by such organizations. At the same time, the analyst admits that it is quite difficult for such traditional investors to invest in cryptocurrency, since there are still regulatory requirements for the choice of investment assets in terms of risks and fulfillment of obligations. This can limit the amount of funds available for buying BTC.
In general, the topic of the attitude of government regulators to cryptocurrencies is one of the key factors for the development of this market. This issue has been actively discussed at the recent BlockShow conference. The speakers said that although decentralized finance needs to communicate with regulators, it cannot be full concessions to them. If we introduce complete regulation of the market, then it will hardly differ from fiat.
Now about the prospects of the BTC/USD pair for the next few weeks. According to the average forecast, the probability of its rise to $25,000-26,000 is estimated at 30%, above $30,000 - 10%. As for the fall, the probability that the pair will decrease to the $18.500-20,000 zone is 20%.
As for altcoins, those who at this stage are wary of investing in bitcoin may pay attention to ethereum. If BTC has already exceeded its 2017 high by 16%, then ETH is still to grow from its current values in the region of $670 to its all-time high of $1,420. And this despite the fact that this main altcoin showed better dynamics than bitcoin this year: it has added 640% from the March low against 465% for BTC.
In addition, altcoin blockchain No.1 has recently been updated. Ethereum 2.0 has made the cryptocurrency safer, more efficient, scalable and, hopefully, potentially more profitable.
And here it is necessary to recall the recent warning of the co-founder of ethereum Vitalik Buterin, who urged not to get into debt or take out loans to buy any digital assets, be it bitcoin, ethereum or any other coins. He said he had “only a few thousand dollars of net equity” before Ethereum was created. “However, I sold half of my bitcoins to be sure I would not break up if the rate fell to zero,” he writes. 

Here you can find some general answers to the most common questions about cryptocurrencies.    

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 Financial conglomerate Wells Fargo, one of the "big four" US banks, has published a new investment report, in which a separate page under the heading "Bitcoin - 2020's best performing and most volatile asset" is devoted to the cryptocurrency market. The authors do not directly encourage clients to invest in digital assets, but generally maintain an optimistic tone regarding their prospects. “Over the past 12 years, they have grown from literally nothing to a $560 billion market cap,” writes Wells Fargo. "Hobbies don't usually last 12 years."
The bank notes that bitcoin is up 170% over the year but warns about its high volatility. “Investing in cryptocurrencies today is akin to living in the early days of the 1850s gold rush, which involved more speculation than investing”, the bank's analysts think. And yet they add that cryptocurrencies attract a lot of attention, but not necessarily a lot of investment. (Here the title of William Shakespeare's play immediately comes to mind: "Much Ado About Nothing"). 
It is difficult to disagree with this: the total cryptocurrency market capitalization now is far from even its own high at the beginning of January 2018, $830 billion. And this is in a world where, according to billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, "there is a $90 trillion stock market, and God knows how many trillions are in fiat currency."
The crypto market went down another $50 billion last week: starting from $575 billion, it dropped to $525 billion. Optimists call the clear bearish trend a seasonal correction and associate it with the end of the year and the desire of investors to fix profits after such an impressive leap up. Recall that the BTC/USD pair was never able to overcome the $20,000 mark. And analysts estimated that it will be able to gain a foothold above this iconic level by the end of December, as 30% probability. The likelihood of its fall to the $15,000-15,700 zone is estimated at the same 30%.
In the meantime, the bears were able to lower quotations to $17,600, and they did it twice: on December 09 and 11. And also twice, at the time of these failures, buyers came to the rescue of bitcoin. However, they did not manage to radically reverse the trend, and as of Friday evening, December 11, bitcoin is trading in the zone of a strong support/resistance level of $18,000.
It should be noted that the Crypto Fear & Greed Index declined very slightly in seven days, from 92 to 89, still signaling the pair BTC/USD is strongly overbought, which could portend an even deeper correction. 

 So, a correction or a repeat of the collapse of the late 2017-2018? The question is still open.
Bloomberg experts believe that there is no reason for a change in the direction of bitcoin's movement now, and its cost may increase to $50,000 in 2021.  “The dollar is gradually losing its position, ducking other fiat currencies,” writes this authoritative agency, “All this is noticed by investors who are forced to switch to alternative assets.” Bitcoin has significantly more support now, which minimizes the likelihood of a pullback. Open interest in the CME bitcoin futures market has exceeded $1 billion for the first time in history, which also speaks of growing support from investors.
A similar point of view is followed by the American billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, head of Tudor Investment Corporation, who said that “cryptocurrencies are facing a crazy flight on a rocket with ascents and descents along the way.” “In 20 years, bitcoin will be significantly higher than the point where it is now. From here, the road for it lies north,” Yahoo! Finance quoted him.
But Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz is less optimistic. In his opinion, bitcoin will certainly not return to zero, but may fall to the $14,000 mark. Therefore, although the losses of investors will not reach 80-90%, they may well be about 30-40%.
The report of the fintech company Cindicator is of great interest. This is due to the fact that the figures presented in it are not the opinion of individual specialists, but the average results of the survey of more than 156,000 participants of the crypto market, according to which bitcoin next year will rise to $29,569. The respondents with the most accurate forecasts, the so-called "superforcasters", on average expect even greater growth, to $32,056. As for the lower bar, according to the average forecast, it is at $15,000. “Superforcasters” are less optimistic and expect a decline to $12,000.
Cindicator's “hybrid intelligence”, which uses machine learning algorithms to process data from a team of analysts, predicts similar values, only in a narrower range. According to its calculations, the BTC rate next year will not exceed $25,222 and will not fall below $16,000. At the same time, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market in 2021 with a probability of 80% will surpass the 2018 record of $828 billion.
In addition to institutional investors, additional serious support for the crypto market in 2021 should be provided by countries with troubled economies and those under sanctions. As of now, the SWIFT International Banking System, together with the Financial Crimes Agency (FinCEN) and the Financial Anti-Money Laundering Development Group (FATF), control each international transaction in dollars. Because of this, the countries that have come under the sanctions are deprived of the opportunity for international trade and are literally forced to turn to cryptocurrencies. So, for example, Venezuela, which at first paid in gold, has now switched to settlements for imports with Turkey and Iran in bitcoins. At least this is evidenced by anonymous sources from the Central Bank of this country.  Here you can find some general answers to the most common questions about cryptocurrency.    

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Have an idea to create an Ethereum ERC20 token, then you have a question like how does it cost to create an Ethereum based ERC20 token. Right! Before that, we learn a short note about the Ethereum ERC20 token. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments.

When we talk about the Ethereum platform, the one thing that comes to our mind is the Decentralized Network. Just like that, all the tokens are developed in the same procedure. There are many token standards in the ERC. But particularly, ERC20 is the most prominent token standard that most of the startups utilize and enlarge their business.

There are two options: one is to develop your own ethereum token with Scratch. Another one is to Hire the best Ethereum token development service provider.

In my viewpoint, Hire the service provider is the easiest way to launch your own Ethereum based ERC20 token instantly without any delay. As we discussed above, ERC20 is the prominent token standard which is a cost-effective, reliable, and trustworthy protocol.

If you hire the token development company, the average cost of the particular token would start at $5000 depending on your specifications, the number of tokens you want. However, finding the best Crypto token development service provider is very important to determine that you are driving in the crowdfunding campaign.

Icoclone is one such service provider that makes the Crypto token Development services more feasible than others that helps startups to enlarge their business instantly. Icoclone has vast years of experience in providing token development with high-end securities. They endeavor their clients and satisfy their requirements. They have well-performed talented developers who know how to make an Ethereum token more business-friendly. Not only do they provide Ethereum tokens, but also they provide TRON-based tokens, altcoins development along with crowdfunding platforms such as ICO, STO, and IEO module integration.

Have any inquiries? Without any delay get a quick response via,

Whatsapp/Telegram: +91 95005 75285
Skype: skype:live:hello_20214

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Maticz Technologies is the leading Smart Contract MLM Development Company that offers Forsage Clone Script to Start Ethereum /Tron Smart Contract based MLM platform like or

Forsage Clone Script is a readymade Smart Contract MLM Clone Script built on Ethereum/Tron Blockchain that enables you to launch a Smart Contract MLM platform similar to Forsage.

Read more:

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