CRICKET WORLD CUP:2011(will INDIA repeat the history after 28 years !)

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Time for the ROYAL BATTLE to begin! The mega event, The biggie...The TENTH EDITION of Madness..THE CRICKET WORLD CUP - 2011 is just a month away.. With just 33 days remaining and the Indian team to be announced today, there can't be a time mor...
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Raju Vegesna - The man who won the World Cup final ball

Raju Vegesna, while a big NBA and football fan, was no cricket fanatic.
That is until this World Cup.
Team India's memorable run to glory not only won the Chairman of Sify Technologies over completely, but also egged him on into launching a bid for the ball that skipper MS Dhoni sent sailing over the fence to seal the famous triumph.
After reading about the World Cup memorabilia auction in a newspaper, Vegesna decided to win the ball, which he saw as a symbol of excellence that epitomised the success of the entire team.
"Bats, after all, are about individuals, are they not? So I had my eyes only on the ball," the succesful entrepreneur explained.
His mind made up, Vegesna clinched his prize for $145100 (around Rs 64 lakhs).
"Team India taught us how to stand up to the CHALLENGE of global competition, COLLABORATE and CONQUER the world," he said after claiming the much-in-demand ball. "These are the 3Cs I believe in too."
Excerpts from an interview, where he shares his memories of the final and tells why he did not think twice about placing such a huge bid.
Text: Sify
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I m a bit late in this post but not too late
So the Man with the Midas touch has done it yet again
This match was the thing which nobody should have missed right from the toss to the winning shot...i have downloaded the winning shot on my mobile so that this moment remains with me forever.........:cheerio:
This is one moment every Indian has been waiting for & would expect many more such moments from other sportspersons in all the sports we participate in.
There was a special joy in those tears in all those players eyes...the joy of winning, conquering the world & proving it that we are the BEST. My moment of the world cup would remain the winnning shot, not because it was a six but because it was a mark in the history books that we are not just a nation whose cricketing importance is because of its huge viewership base but because we are the WORLD CHAMPIONS & thats because we have a passion for the game which is unmatched.
Special Kudos to the SUPERMAN from India the gr8 SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR all i can say is ......R.E.S.P.E.C.T....... no words can pay him a tribute for what he has done for this country...shouldering the hopes of a billion plus cricket crazy population & meeting all those expectation & in most cases exceeding them.....There will still be people who will say that he does not perform when it matters the most but forget them they are just people who know the way but dont know how to drive.....& they never will know it.
Yuvraj...has emerged as a phoenix from his own ashes to regain his rightful position.....his energy & carefree is what defines him which if channelised in a proper direction is a force to deal with....carry on the good work....
Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina with Yuvi have become the walls of fielding for our team getting the ball through them became a task in itself.....wonderful to see a team who was once touted as lazy bums who would not even run with vigour to stop the ball forget diving for it has now transformed into a decent fielding unit. & who can forget SRT running behind the ball & diving around like his life depended on it.......absolutely amazing...
ZAK & Munna both have paired well to prove that we may lack pace but line & length are more imp than pace just keep it in the right areas & things will fall in place automatically...Sree unlucky but has been the lucky charm for india in Finals...he was there in the T20 WC finals also...Nehra redeemed himself in the india pakistan game & learnt the hard truth that anything can be forgiven if u perform well in an india pakistan match
Ashwin & chawla....the most talked abt people in this WC hope to see them post this WC performing to keep the supremacy alive....Bhajji truly a Singh who is a KING in his own right.....ppl might say he is not among the top wicket takers but sometimes containing the batsman when he is all guns blazing is much more difficult....
Lets keep the WC celebrations on till the next WC & prepare for the next one so that the trophy remains here.....GO INDIA GO...
Everything seems impossible till its done--Nelson Mandela
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Hi all,

I have always been a silent reader/follower of this thread. This is my 1st post in here, just want to congratulate you all guys and everyone.. Great achievement by Team India, the way they played..BRILLIANT and DOMINATING..

Also, I went to see the match live 😃 managed to get the tickets, uploaded 2 videos..posting the links below..hope you all like it..enjoy all..

God Bless..

Winning moments

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Videos Posted by Thoughts Awakening: Afridi comments BITTER TRUTH about INDIA & International Politics | Facebook

c the comments made by pakistani captain afridi
regarding india and indian citizen
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Has been following this thread from the begining,though posted very few times.Posting for the first time after victory seriously dint had time to post,was celebrating from last nite till tonnight and planning to celebrate the whole year,have exams from 5th but who cares.This is all what I have to say
"2.04.11 is the best day of my life till now :clap::clap:
tears of joy ran through my eyes,I don't remember last time when I was so overjoyed or may be I was ever so happy before,was waiting 15 years for this day,and finally we took the revenge and what a revenge it was,finally the long 28 years wait comes to an end.Hats-off to the whole t
Proud to be an Indian :cheerio::cheerio::cheerio::cheerio:
Jeet gaya bhai jeet gaya India jeet gaya :cheerio::cheerio::cheerio:"
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Hi Puys,this is my first post on this after India won the WC2011.
I know a lot of pics have already been shared on this thread,but I want to share some of the pics in chronological order.
This post is going to be a big one which will have a lots of pics.

PS I know all of you have already seen all these pics,just wanted to share these again to contribute something from my side.
PPS I was at India Gate last night,it was like awesome/frenzy there(can't describe the scene in words),and today enjoyed with friends,so was not able to post here.
PPPS I came to understand real meaning of cricket in India yesterday only.
PPPPS rahice bhai,malinga did fired yesterday,so you owe me 100/-

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indian cricket team with indian president pratibha patil(see dhoni standing between chawla and pathan, at first glance i was unable to identify him) and other photos WC stars celebrate Photos | WC stars celebrate Pictures - Yahoo!

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India...the only team ever to win cricket world cup of all three formats:
60 over .....1983
20 over .....2007
and now we got the one that dared to elude us.......50 over ....2011

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Finding it difficult to describe INDIA'GRATS!!! :))))))))

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