COVID-19 Vaccine Registration for 18+ Citizens

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This group is about helping people who don't know when and how to do registration for veccination of Covid-19. 

The vaccination for 18 years old to 45 years old citizens is going to be started on 28th April 2021.

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Recently there were a rumor about the registration for covid-19 vaccine. People were sharing the news that the vaccine registration for the citizens who are 18+ to 45 years old starts from 24th April 2021.

That was total rumor. Actually the ministry of health india twitted 2 days ago on their official twitter account that vaccine registration for 18+ people is going to be started on 28th April 2021.

Corona / Covid-19 Vaccine Registration For 18+ Citizens: Starts from 28th April 2021 Registration link : 


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How to do the Covid 19 / Corona virus vaccine registration for 18+ citizens ?

Since the registration process will start on the 28th april you have to wait till then. But once it has started you can do the registration through arogya setu app or COWIN platform.

The CoWIN platform is official website created by the ministry of health and family welfare department of india. The aim of this portal is to get a win over covid-19.

Co-WIN is a platform for the citizens of India to Register for COVID-19 vaccination and schedule their vaccination slots at the nearest vaccination centers.

Covid-19 vaccine registration by CoWIN platform : 

To register with the portal you have to sign in first. Here i have written step by step guide, how you can sign in for registration of corona vaccine at cowin paltform.

  • First of all you will need Mobile number.
  • Now you have to open
  • Once you do that click on Register / Sign in yourself button.
  • This register button is in the right upper side corner of the platform in yellow box.
  • Once you click on that button you will see below given screen.
  • 📷
  • Enter your mobile number there and click on get otp button.
  • Now enter the OTP for verification and you will see below given screen at cowin website.
  • 📷
  • Upload ID Proof. (Aadhar card, Passbook, Driving License, Pan card, Pension Passbook, NPR Smart card, Voter ID)
  • Then enter the document number in below given box.
  • As an example if you have selected aadhar card then enter the aadhar number.
  • Then Enter your name as per the documents you have selected.
  • Enter your gender.
  • Enter year of birth. (Whatever year of birth written in the selected document)
  • Now click on register button.
  • Then you will see the appointment schedule button. Go for it.
  • Enter your pincode.
  • Now you will see the bunch of covid-19 vaccination center. Choose the center and the date.
  • Select the time slot whichever is Convenient for you.
  • The time slots are “9 to 11 AM”, “11 to 1 PM”, “1 to 3 PM”, “3 to 6 PM”.
  • Once you select the time slot click on Confirm Button.
  • Now you can go to the vaccination center at selected date and time and get vaccinated.
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