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Hello Everyone, I am looking to machine learning certification online as a beginner point. I have found 3 certifications which I mentioned below. Can anyone suggest me which one is good?
1. Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
2. Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization
3. Machine Learning Stanford Online

I have found all above certification from here

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For the last 2 years, Machine Learning is one technology that is very much in demand in every business sector like finance, IT, manufacturing, etc. A lot of young graduates and professionals are interested in knowing machine learning.

There are multiple courses offered by a number of organizations which you can find on the internet to learn machine learning.

Udacity also offers courses on Machine Learning and Deep Learning which are very popular. They have a very different way of teaching the content and its a 4 months duration course.

The University of Washington provides a course of Machine Learning which is available in the online and offline format. This course provides hands-on experience in machine learning using open source tools such as R-Studio, Python, scikit-learn, etc.

Simplilearn’s course on Machine Learning is good for both beginners and professionals. It covers topics from basics to advanced using python. The certificate really holds a value while applying for jobs and improves your chances of getting selected.

Data Science Institute of Columbia University provides multiple courses on machine learning and data science. This course is best suited for candidates having prior knowledge in programming, statistics, linear algebra, probability & calculus.

Udemy also has a repository on Machine Learning courses provided by various instructors. All the courses are self-paced and are roughly around 20–25 hrs of duration.

To get started with Machine Learning, refer to these tutorials- 

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