Coolest Avatar Contest 2009! The Finalists! Voting begins!

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Hello all, Thanks to all the nominees for taking part in Coolest Avatar Contest! Here is the list of finalists chosen by the judges. - Coolest Avatar Contest 2009 - Finalists :: As said earlier, we are not going...
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Posting quite late, but here it is anyway

First of all a big Congos to Alpesh for winning the Coolest Avatar Contest 2009:clap::clap::clap:

This guy deserves it for the sheer perseverance and patience to PM each user individually. Someone please ask Honeywell to give some work to him :biggrin: lest he haunts PG till his retirement.:nono:

Now, coming back to my campaigning or lack of it. I realized early in the contest that i would not be able to take out time to campaign due to work pressure :banghead:. And after the blame-games started between two of the contestants, i decided that this contest is too trivial a thing to undo the friendships one has nurtured on PG.:nono:

Would not commit the mistake of not thanking my supporters. We fought as hard as we could. And though we fell short, the failure is mine, not yours. A special thank to LB for strongly supporting me on SB.

Finally, how can i forget Paneer Butter Masala (United). Something to do justice to Evil Chefs reputation. A coalition just like Indian government, with no priciples, direction or common goal except to get our 15 minutes of fame. It was done with no malicious intent and was done to spice-up the proceedings. A special thanks to the brains behind it, Junior- you shuld try contacting BJP and Congress and help them find allies, with your skills you can be a Kingmaker.:cheerio:

How can i forget our CEC's and jury members, who seem to have been spoilt bad with all the freebies.

Many Oldies complained that this year's thread lacked the zing of the previous years, and to a certain extent i agree too. So maybe, next year we can have some innovations like interviews of the candidates by jurists, wacky speeches on equally weird topics etc.:p


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Hi All,

Although I am a bit late to reply on the proceedings...but I must share my views on the contest..

To tell frankly I enjoyed every bit of it especially the nomination stages.

Thanks to all the veterans who supported me and also to those who didn't

My thanks to fellow participants.....this was the first of its kind contest I participated on PG and I must say I have won a lot of new friends here.

And yes my special thanks to all the people who believed in TRUEINDIAN and voted for me.....Love you all!!!!

Last but not the least .....SGS...A special waala thanks to you too for your extended support..... 😁 (Khush ho ja, naam likha hai tera....) :)

I feel bad as in the voting stage I was not able to put in much due to some undesired circumstances :(

But it was a fun event and I enjoyed it to the fullest..... And yes Bluff bhai and AC, u did kamaal ki campaigning..... Cheers!!!!!

Now some cute facts on the parties formed:

White Knights was formed first and I was informed later that I am a part of it (Thanks to my frend Navi )

Similarly, PBM was formed and I was updated (This is the best word I could think of) later that I have left WK and changed the party..... (Thanks to my phrend Utsav).................

For a moment I was wondering "Yaar Trueindian mera hi avtaar hai na"

Dost ho to aise....

Jokes Apart....Thanks so much guys....I really appreciate it....

Love you all!!!!!!


Patience, Persistence & Perseverance.
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Well, before this thread loses its "charm", let me take my turn to thank all for their great support :cheerio:

First of all, Utsav - junior deserves all the accolades for being a part of this initiative PBM(U) is definitely his brainchild and AC can go nab him by the scruff of his neck for playing a spoil sport with his smooth running party

Utsav - thanks a ton mate U are a darling

Next, I wanna thank Bluff, FC, Arun da, Deep, Krsh Vik, Dabloo, Sarvesh, Adifoool (), Aneel and Pendy.. These guys have worked their A$% off for me... Thanks a ton guys...!!!

Next I really need to thank these amazing accomplices for abetting the crime - PP abhi Navneet Chuck Trueindian bawarchi

All the voters - Love u all, thanks for voting

Fellow competitors Thanks a lot... AC Love u dude... Amazing show... U deserved every bit of this award... Darn those who think this year the contest wasnt great and no one deserved to win... Let them come forward and challenge any one of us if they cud put in at least 10% of the effort that u and others put in..

AC, PP - Hail ur fighting spirit ... PP... Hope we have no hard feelings at the end of all this All in the spirit of game!!! U are a tremendous sport

Lastly, all the puys who have followed this contest... Thanks for ur time

And here we Paneer Butter Masala (United) party leaders sign off with our incumbency for the entire year to come

We promise u all to fulfill all the promises we ever made


PS: And really discouraging words from a few mortals who provided their expert opinion on people (not) deserving to win the contest this year and bla bla bla... Thanks to u all as well

PPS: And sincere apologies for inadvertently missing the names of those really amazing bunch of supporters who would have campaigned for me... 😃 Thanks a ton tou all as well...

PPPS: And for some of the amazing revelations and campaiging and a few great posts which came out - all were the ideas (no brownie points for guessing) of none other than BLUFFMASTER... HAIL SIR :bows:

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Congrats Alpesh ...Er.. Mr. Popeye :rockon: 😁 ...
I was :shocked: when i saw your one day growth of 100+ votes..
You came in strongly when this contest had two clear looking winners PP & NR. 😃 Good job done.. :p
Congos not only to you but to your supporters as well.. :thumbsup:
Last two days i too started to send PM to newbies and many online members..and most of the profiles had only one visitor.. "AlpeshChaudhari"
hmm... AC party(read as TREAT not White knights "PARTY") to banti hain ;)

Kudos to NR and PP.. for paneer butter masala party :biggrin:
And to all others who were part of this Avatar Contest right from the begining...

To judges and CEC members :cheers:

And a special thanks to haresh..:D .. He really explained me the whole Contest concept... And helped me throughout the contest.. :)

PS: Enough of thanks to all.. AC, NR,PP..:sneaky: Next year dekhten hain kismein kitna hai dum.. :biggrin:

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Congrats..AC & Paneer butter Masala 😃

Success retained me as a boy, but failure(s) made me a man IIM Calcutta - Class of 2012
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Heartiest Congratulations to ALL for the wonderful job done :cheerio:

Had heard a lot about this contest...
but now i can say I have been there done that :p

Come next year and I am sure I have learnt enough tricks to give a hard time to the participants

Thanks for the support people!

My old signature does not fit here :(
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I won

It's really been a while, since I fought for something.

Congrats to Paneer Butter Masala. :thumbsup:

First of all, thanks to all the voters & supporters - :thumbsup:

Thanks to Profootball25, Kill_the_cat for everything you have done - networking, campaigning. :thumbsup:

Also, thanks to people who gave feedback from time to time & helped me improve - swagatsinha, diablorulez & bluffmaster.

And, thanks to PG for providing the platform.

It's been a great competition for me. In the beginning, when I had very less votes, I had lost the hope, but Profootball25 came up with the strategy. :thumbsup:

To surpass nishant_rungta I knew I would have to get votes from non-regulars. So I campaigned through PM. Initially, I just PMed a link to vote, I did not get good response. People asked in return 'why should we vote for you ?' Then, I included my posts in every PM, I started receiving a huge response. In fact a guy with ID - sharadkapoor, I did not even know him, brought me at least 7 votes.

I did all, I can do to fight - politics, strategy, campaigning, networking & everything else.

It was very much of fun to fight & emerge as winner from being an underdog.

To people who are disappointed from overall competition - I wish I could do more.

One more thing to point out in the end - High sportsmanship. NR & PP fought fought for the title initially, but in the end both of them personally appreciated my campaign & posts & even voted for me. :thusbsup:

Anyway, it was fun for me. Something I will remember for pretty long time.

I am ready to fall, But not before I fly.

P.S. Ok. Enough of the talk now. What do winners get ?
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A big Thank you to all you puys for participating , voting, campaigning, bickering , slaughtering, killing, mind blowing and most important enjoying this years contest. ......

Hearty congratulations to Alpesh for winning the contest 😉

Thanks to Nishant for a good fight ... hard luck in the end .... PP .. well .. well tried 😃
Bluffu , kill the cat ... awesome campaigns :thumbsup:

End turned out to be a pretty much Indian Politics anything goes .... thankfully we don't have to form a government and so parties can stay at their nominated positions just as a token ... as we can have only 1 winner ....

Great work Alpesh .... ... good job winning this years Coolest Avtaar contest 😃

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Main kabhi batlaata nahi,

par voting se darta hoon main maa,

main kabhi dikhlaata nahi

par white knights or PBM se darta hoon main maa,

Is there any software that can put zeroes behind the no . of votes I have ??????? I'll give him/her a share of the prize of being the coolest avtar

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