CnPI process commences (Tentative)

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Can anyone help me please...tell me some essay topics to get prepared for imt hyderabad entrance exam

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I had my interview at ghaziabad campus for selection process of IMT nagpur/hyderabad on 14th Feb.

Reporting time was 12:30pm.

First of all,all the documents were verified (i,e college semester marksheets, CAT/XAT score, ur identification document,ur call letter for interview,and ur personally filled-in form along with its xerox). All this took approx 1 hour.

Then at 2pm, we were given the topic for WAT "Physical presence is not important at the workplace". And in about 250 words we had to write an essay with the time limit of 30 minutes.


After that Personal Interview round began.

Since i am from commerce background and currently pursuing BBA wid specialisation in Finance,questions asked were related with that stream.

(1) differnce b/w accounting and finance

(2)what was saradha scam? and what is the meaning of the word "saradha"in this scam?

(3) differnce between  share and  bond.

(4)who is an angel investor?

(5) who is the editor and publisher of the newspaper which you read regularly?(in my case it was TOI and yes i didn't knew the answer)

(6)RBI Governor has revised the various rates , like SLR from 22 to 21.5 %, or we can say by 50 basis points. Now what is the meaning of this "basis points".

(7)what is the significane of increasing/decreasing rates like REPO,CRR?

So it lasted for around 15-20 minutes. They were trying to test ur patience while screwing you up fully.

I hope this experience will help you all.

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Hi puys!! Can someone please tell me what are the different rounds (like WAT/GD/PI) in CnPI process of IMT, Ghaziabad?

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