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Updated 18 Aug, 2017.

Hey guys if any one has taken the module of

smart Cat cracker please let me know .
I wanted the full module but it is very expensive and I need it as a proper brush up before exams.If someone has taken that package please pm me or post here I can spare a amount not more than 2000 but I can give someone that amount if you can share your material with me as I am literally peniless after filling these incessant forms and applying for exams of MBA.Please puys help me out!!
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@akshay3794 @akshay3794  ·  10 Jul, 2017
@san91 i have online lecture of career launcher and i am will to sell it at a discount of Rs. 7000. I am not giving CAT this year hence deciding to sell it in this week itself. Full syllabus is covered in ...
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@akshay3794 @akshay3794  ·  10 Jul, 2017

In 21000 material of 3 classes + Smart CAT Cracker.

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