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Dear pg, Need your help badly. My profile:Acads: class X: 81% (WB Board)Class XII: 68% (WB Board)Grad: BSc Chemistry 57.4% (Calcutta Uni)WE:5 years with leading MNC in their HR/recruitment team2 years with leading non-profit orga...
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Dear pg,

Need your help badly. My profile:

Acads: class X: 81% (WB Board)

Class XII: 68% (WB Board)

Grad: BSc Chemistry 57.4% (Calcutta Uni)


5 years with leading MNC in their HR/recruitment team

2 years with leading non-profit organization in their Communications/marketing team

Gmat: 630

I have offers from KJ Somaiya PGDM Executive and SP Jain Global MBA.

Pros for SP:

Industry recognition

Greater mix of students

Cons: extremely expensive course (Indian standards)

Average years of WE is 3 years only while mine is 7+

Pros of KJSomaiya:

Much cheaper course

AICTE approved

Lesser batch strength hence more attention

Average years of experience close to mine


New course

Placements for 1st batch yet to happen

Not much info available about the course

Please advise if its suitable for me to take up either of these.

Or if I choose to apply to the grade A b schools – ISB, IIMs – what would be my chance?

Thanks in advance and awaiting a quick response!
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