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Hi Every1 how likely is my profile getting selected,

Quali- CA

Wrk Ex-2 yrs, 1 yr in indian auto retial giant ,done Fin strtegy for Audi n VW Retail side. currently with a US listed Auto Components MFG co, doing fin strategy for USD 70 M plant(India). left Opps at ford n accenture as wat i got is bpo. 

striking 650 around in mock gmats.

planin to become a partner of my frens professional practice firm..

i am looking for a 1 yr MBA from Top B school.

Pls guide me ..thx in advance!!

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Hi, we are assuming that you wish to know about how to start preparing for GMAT. 

Here are few things you can do to do well at GMAT:

1. If you are just starting your preparation, start with a mock test. This will make you familiar with the test format and also help you identify your strong and weak areas
2. If you plan to do self study, get your hands on the best preparatory material available in the market. You can speak to your seniors, get feedback on forums like pagalguy to seek out the best in the market
3. Joining a coaching institute is recommended because it gives a structure to your preparation. Remember cracking GMAT is not just about working hard but working smart as well
4. Make a study time table for yourself that suits you best. You can start with spending 2 hours every day and as you move closer to your test date, start increasing your study hours
5. Keep taking mock tests in real test taking situations. However, more important than taking a mock test is to analyse your performance in the same. If you spend 2 hours on a mock test, spend 6 hours in analysing the same. Figure out ways by which you can continuously keep improving your score
7. Make sure you stay consistent with your schedule. This is extremely important

While you are preparing for GMAT, make sure you have your eyes on the larger goal which is to get an admit from the best schools. A good overall profile is also important apart from a good GMAT score.

Consult an expert and make sure you are simultaneously working on making your profile better if required

One last advice: Write your GOAL on a piece of paper and paste it in front of your study table. Whenever you feel distracted or low on energy, make sure you look at your GOAL

For any specific queries, please do let us know and we would be happy to help
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some 1 with knowledge of Top MBA Schools admissions process, pls guide me..basically i am trying for 2016 batch, by then i wl b having 3 yrs post quali workex, mainly in financial planning, analysis and strategy , reporting to operations and financial leaders of an organization..

Help me out with your valuable and reasonable suggestions guys..

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