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hi everybody,

This thread is dedicated to all "working junta" whose left side
of brain is occupied by office work and right side is pre-occupied
by Quants,Vocab and Reasoning ability and more importantly
the fear for cracking CAT.
Lets not Bother about people who prepare full time for CAT.
Lets not be envious of students who get week ends for sure
and half of a day daily for free(This is no way intended to
look down the efforts put by students and other friends).
Junta may feel this is too early.But its better to start
ealry with a steady pace rather than cramming in the end.
Lets discuss the modalities of learning and try to hav proper cat-work balance.

PS:I was expecting Tech junkie to start it

Mods:I couldnt find a similar thread for '07.
If u feel this thread is redundant then kindly close it.

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