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Now that CAT is done, the next crucial phase for you is to clear the GD-PI-WAT session. Most of you would have already checked your scores, while others would be waiting for CAT %ile. 

Though CAT results are expected to be around Jan 5, the WAT PI process of the premier B schools start from Jan end itself. So, it may not be a good idea to wait untill the CAT %ilers are out, if you are already confident about some of the B school calls. 

Been on the other side of the table, I can totally relate to the common questions that come in your mind. Once the B-school calls would be out, 99 or 95 percentile would just be like any other no. The only thing that would make you through the hallowed lands of your dream college would be your performance in GD-PI-WAT. 

Keeping these in mind, we are starting a course for all the B-schools call getters with the mentors who have cracked interviews of different B-schools ranging from NMIMS, Indore, Kozhikode to A,B and C. This initiative was started by PrepZone last year with a limited batch of 100 students, but the whopping conversion rate of 472% has what made us take it further:) Hence, this year we are further enhancing the program. 

Course Details:  

GDPI Advanced -

GDPI Intermediate -

GDPI Basic -

A synopsis of the course is: 

1) Every student will be allocated a best fit mentor/guide basis his expected calls, and this guide woule be the primary SPOC for you. 

2) Student/Mentor ratio wuld be minimum to let the mentor give personalised attention to each and everyone's performance. 

3) Full preparation for GD, WAT, Extempore, PI, Presentation, and other associated fields for Personality Aptitude test.

4) PI Details: 

- The sessions of PI would be on a much personalized level by the relevant mentors who would fit in the profile of your college. 

- Medium of PIs would be telephonic + Video calls. A detailed feedback and improvements list would be shared with you and tracked on your successive interviews by the different mentors.

- The PI sessions would be ONLY taken by the B-school graduates who themselves have appeared in a dozens of interview in the last 2-3 years, and can leverage on their experience to monitor the improvement of each and every enrolled students. 

- Every student enrolled for the PI would have at least one stressed interview. The no. of interviews would vary basis which product of GDPI, you enroll for.

- Google form based personalized preparation for almost all possible Personal Life oriented interview questions.

5) GD & WAT sessions: 

- A general live session would be conducted by one of the mentors giving basic guidelines about attempting different varieties of GD & WAT 

- GD & WAT would be conducted by B-school graduates, VA faculty as well as a few Communications coach who have a depth of knowledge and viewpoints on the recent topics. 

- GD & WAT topics along with the opinions of the mentors & bloggers on these topics will be shared with all the registered students. 

- Continuous feedback and evaluation after every GD/WAT topic would be shared individually with every student on email/phone

- Every WAT needs to be submitted in a hand-written form within the given deadlines, and will be evaluated, scored and given the feedback by your assigned mentor before your next WAT topic. 

- Every WAT topic will also be written by the expert PrepZone mentors and will be shared with everyone so that you all can benchmark and have a broader perspective on the writings. 

6) Lectures on Current GK based opinion making for WAT, GD, and PI (For GDPI Advanced students)

7) Lectures on Diction improvement, Soft Skills, facial Expressions, and intonation. - (Here you'll understand how to sound natural ) (For GDPI Advanced students)

8) Personality/ Skills assessment test to provide you with your current standing.(For GDPI Advanced students)


1) Deadlines will be sacrosanct. So, give your best, participate very actively and do not miss on any lecture, discussion or the assignments. 

2) The batch of GDPI is only limited to the first 200 students. 

3) The first few enrolled students have already received their first few assignments and reading material. So, the course begins as soon as you enroll

This course is specifically formulated by Soft Skills experts and pioneers of IIMs Personality test rounds. With unique offerings and invincible trainers, this time, Prepzone is ready to repeat and beat its own record of 470% conversions in their maiden year launch. But are you ready to accept the challenge??

Those who wants to know our methodology & details - check:

With Love, 

Team PrepZone

CAT-15: 99.65 | QA:99.6 | DILR:99.96| IIM Calcutta, Batch of 2018
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All India Mock CAT is now LIVE. Do take the Quiz only in your CAT slot (9-12 AM, or 2-5 PM).

Enrollment Link:

Default Password: password (Change the password after login in)

Quiz window: Nov 2 - Nov 7.

Results will be available from Nov 8, 5 PM onwards on the portal.

NOTE: Take this test with the same level of seriousness as that of CAT. I am repeating again, take proper rest and appear for this mock with fresh mind. Your score here should serve as a close proxy to your CAT preparation. 

God luck fellas, Make us proud :) 

Team PrepZone. 


CAT-15: 99.65 | QA:99.6 | DILR:99.96| IIM Calcutta, Batch of 2018
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Hi Guys!

Cracku's complete CAT 2019 course at Giveaway Price. 

Cracku's Price: Rs. 8999. 

You can get it at 3500. Negotiable. 

I'm not preparing for CAT anymore. 

DM me for details. if you need it. Or Whatsapp at 8527683074. 

Course Highlights:

Weekly Timetable created by Experts

750+ Videos covering entire CAT portion

15000+ Excellent questions with detailed solutions

20 Full-length CAT Mocks

5 Mocks each for IIFT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT & NMAT

30 CAT Sectional Tests with detailed solutions and analysis

Full Access to DAily CAT Quotient 

ADaptive Test platform for intelligent preperation

100 concept notes and solved exmample sets

19 Previous CAT Papers with solutions

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Because of some reasons, I am leaving CAT preparation and i want to sell HANDA KA FUNDA FULL CAT COURSE. It has really helped me in increasing my speed in quants. The tricks Ravi handa sir has to offer is amazing. If somebody is interested, inbox me. COST IS NEGOTIABLE.

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 Which is the best test series for CAT 2019?? Please give honest opinions. 

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Because of some reasons, I am leaving CAT preparation and i want to sell HANDA KA FUNDA FULL CAT COURSE. It has really helped me in increasing my speed in quants. The tricks Ravi handa sir has to offer is amazing. If somebody is interested, inbox me. COST IS NEGOTIABLE.

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WILEY INDIA WEBINAR "HOW TO CRACK CAT, XAT AND IIFT VERBAL SECTION" Those who have registered for the webinar will receive a mail with a link, starting today evening. You need to download "Adobe Connect" from Play Store to attend the webinar on your mobiles. Those who have not registered for the webinar, please do so fast. It will be very useful. Keep 30 August 2019 (Friday) free---4 to 5:30 pm.

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For all CAT Aspirants, Wiley is hosting a webinar at 4:00 pm on 30th August 2019: “How to Crack CAT, XAT & IIFT Verbal Section” by Captain AK Kalia, author of the best-selling WILEY CAT 2019 VARC BOOK. To join the webinar, please register at

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Hello friends,

Greetings. I am a current 1st year student in PGP-HRM, MDI Gurgaon(You can verify this from my pagalguy profile). Me and a group of friends have decided to form a telegram group, where the doubts of CAT aspirants can be solved by us. Some important points about the group are:

1. For some time(we have summers), we wont be allowing CAT questions(sums or some content) on the group. The groups will be purely meant for career questions(Yes we are from HR), and you can also ask about colleges, their programs, mock strategies, how to prepare any subject or topic or anything, except specific sums or questions. We are planning to allow all types of  questions in future once we have some time on our hands.

2. The questions wouldn’t and cannot be answered instantly, but we will try our best to answer them as and when we get time. The maximum time we expect which can lapse is 24-48 hours, sometimes more than that, in cases when we have extreme work load.

3. Strict rules will be enforced in the group and people not following them would be removed with or without a warning.

4. We are studying Human Resources, and thus can help you with CV building and Interviews in future. All decisions in this regard would be taken after our summer placements. Specific services provided in future may be monetized, but for now everything is free.

5. We plan to create  a platform for people to clarify their doubts. All of us have seen and understood this MBA Admission process in totality, and each one of us has between 97-99.7 % ile in each exam, NMAT, IIFT, CAT, XAT etc.

6. People are expected to read all questions and answers and avoid asking similar questions repetitively.

7. Guys, any relation is symbiotic in nature. We would be spending some time to help you. We also work on various projects, which require survey data, or in same cases Facebook or Instagram likes. Any of that wouldn’t take more than 1-2 mins(filling a survey form or liking a post). We expect our group members to cooperate with us in all of that. We can promise that it wont be more than once or twice a week, which means you wont be spending more than 5 mins a week doing all of that.

8. Any and every question will be entertained, but the group members have to maintain decorum. You cant talk to each other in the group, you can do so privately if you want.

9. We would be open to helping you in any way you want. But you cant message us in DM. You can write an email to us at an email id to be given.

10. This is the group link. Please join the group only if you agree and will follow all the points mentioned. We hope we can provide some value to the members of the group.

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