Perhaps this is not helpful to many people here at this moment, but for those who do need it.. Please check out the post below.  I have been getting a lot of questions about this and I really cannot find the time to answer everybody in the same detailed manner their query demands, so I decided to write down a series to answer some possible questions. Part 1 is here. Will add more as and when I get time. 

Also wanted to apologise to some of those people who will find I had not answered their question on this at this depth. Hope the blog answers some questions better now. If you have more questions and think I have not addressed them at all or something you very strongly feel is missing in the future plan as well, comment here or message me directly.. Cheers 

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@bhagu77777 My friend, I checked your messages.. You have the help of the NCOBC category reservation, your school marks are above 85 and your grad is above 70.. I understand that perhaps you are asking this question innocently but please understand your marks are not what can get you in trouble. You have your category to help you with them as well. 85+ in X and XII is enough for almost any college even for a GEM along with decent CAT score. You do have a good CAT score, which is again propped up by the reservation. I am a GEM. I have 217 marks in the CAT. Despite that, you will get more calls than me from the IIMs. Do not worry about all this. Prepare for your interview season. :)

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@Arsene96 okay mate. Thank You! :)

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