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Do you have a test taking strategy for CAT 2019 or the mocks that you are taking right now? This is critical as without a proper strategy in place, you will not get to your potential acore even with great aptitude and temperament. When I write this post, the assumption is you are having adequate aptitude to score 95 percentile plus or 99 percentile plus or in excess of 99.5 percentile. Strategies for each score will be different and I will deal with these in separate posts. Let me address today what is the basis of a test taking strategy.

It is important to demystify the CAT exam and to understand that, for people with reasonable aptitude and preparation, you can always find at least 12-15 questions per section that can be done correctly without breaking too much sweat. Of course, you can do better based on higher levels of aptitude and preparation - for such people the number will probably be 18-20. But no matter where you are on this scale, few things are vitally pertinent. First, you must select the right questions based on your aptitude and ability. Second, you need to be efficient in solving these questions but make sure you get them correct - do not rush as that increases chances of errors. Third, you need to calibrate your timing of answers based on your base target scores - if this is 120/130 then you are looking at 15 questions per section so you have 4 minutes per question. If this is 160/170 then you are looking at 20 questions per section so you have 3 minutes per question. Pace yourself accordingly, desperate urgency is pointless and, more ofthen than not, harmful. Fourth, you will have to avoid answering MCQ questions where you are not sure of the answers. TITA questions are all right to answer but here too do not guess, there is really no point as chances of getting questions correct by guessing is abysmally low.

In my next post I will address the specific strategies for people in the different ranges mentioned above. Feel free to reach out to me with personal queries and I will be happy to answer those. Note that I can act as an ongoing mentor only for people who take up my services. In case you are interested, feel free to enquire about that too, though I have limited bandwidth and can do this for very few people additionally.

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