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Hi all...Can somebody please help me with the answer/way to solve this question

You and your friend Bob are fighting over 2 chocolates that you received as a joint prize.

None of you is agreeing to share one chocolate each as each one feels that they have contributed more to the prize.

One of your teacher arrives and impressed by your work previously, gives you chance to use your logical skills and get a better share of chocolate. Conditions are:

1.You will be allowed to cut the first chocolate into two parts in whatever proportion you want (one part can be infinitely small as well)

2.Bob will then have a choice to choose one of the parts first or allow you to choose

3.Then you will continue with the division of second chocolate in whatever proportion you want

4.If Bob had decided to choose his share from first chocolate, you will be allowed to choose yours from the second

5.However, if Bob allowed you to choose your share from first chocolate, Bob will be allowed to choose his from the second

What is the maximum share of chocolate that you can guarantee to get in either condition? What if there are 3 chocolates instead of 2? 

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