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Does your IIM Pass Out PM ask you about your CAT preparation?

Does he ask you to leave early because it is Nov and CAT is coming?

Does your Practice Head,while deciding your new Project assignment consider that in Nov you need to stay in your Base Location?

During every May-June-July,do you think of quitting your job to prepare all-out-for-no-loss once for CAT?

Yes,I know..
You are finding similarities,beacuse these are the Questions of every next person appearing CAT,and you are one of them..

I am starting this Thread for Working Professionals appearing for CAT..

Our focus will be on coming CAT..
Now for CAT 2008..

Then may be for CAT 2009..

So that peers can get a help from this thread..

I expect this place will be some of our's Second Home..
You can share your success,failures,anything..and above all CAT related Discussions..
Like-Preparaiton,Stratagies,Scores,..I mean everything..

Lets build a Family..A BIG One..

Wishing You all Best Wishes for Coming New Year..
Always Keep Well..

P.S.-To Moderators,If you think this Thread is irrelevant,Please do the Needful.

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