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"Which course to pursue among MCA and MBA for better career prospects?

I have completed BCA."

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It advised to take up MBA in Systems as mention by Miss. Rashmi.

It is better upgrade  learning in same area. Recently Telecom and IT rather ICT sector is in boom. Digital India will require lot of trained ICT Manager and engineer.

College that provide MBA in systems are STIM,BITM,MITSOT,Aegis.

I differ in option that HR is better option for Technical person.It is upto you. Please free to write back for any further help.

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Since you are a Computer Engineer everyone will advise you to do MBA in systems or IT.

But it is not a compulsion that you should take systems just because you are a computer engineer

You can take up HR, finance and marketing too.

You need to check which specialization will help you to get a kind of job you want to have.

Today many IT companies which are coming for campus interviews in top colleges are recruiting HR graduates

HR department is the most common department and is present in every company and MNC

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