HII, I am a first batch student from this college. I am going to write the Pros and Cons aboutthis college. Hello, I am Shubh. After reading my review you will come to know whether tofill the form for SIBM HYDERABAD or not. Pros. -Excellent infrastructure, well-equippedlibrary, comfortable hostel, less snap score, full-time degree from SIU, Legacy of Symbiosis,Biggest auditorium amongst Symbiosis. Cons. Worst faculty- The reason behind that is 90%of the faculty are taken from IBS Hyderabad. Do not opt for Operations or Finance in thiscollege. Else you will ruin your career. most of the faculty know nothing. If you have studiesseriously in your bachelor you can teach the faculty. Just because of the Legacy effect ofthe brand it is surviving. Hard to see any faculty from top notch institute. If you are fromTelangana or your religion is Jain you have a plus point to score marks because the collegeadministration believes in partiality and favoritism. If you like drugs the campus is for you.Placement-The most Imp thing Please do not go only by the company name. The Directorand the placement officer are the worst. The placement officer gives it to a placementcompany The only person who got placed in Amazon was through her own contact and isnot 16 lakhs . It is only to create a hype. S&P paid only 4 lakhs per annum. Deloitteonly4.5/annum You can get a placement in a BPO industry like Sutherland, Tech Mahindra(4.91/annum) which will offer you packages of 5-6. SIBM Banglore has 3 faculties from IIM'swhereas SIBM Hyd has none. The placement process is worst. the student crowds what Ihave heard after passing is pathetic. They could not place 30 students and they increasedthe seats to 150 but off course, after 2 years down the line, at least 30 more in total 60 willget placed out of 150. For getting 4-6 lakhs package I don't think you need to waste 13lakhs of your parents hard earned income. please don't take admission and ruin yourcareer. Moreover, the college falls on a Naxalite-prone zone. So be safe and avoid it. Theyhardly take you to the city once or twice a month and a cab to and fro from the city will costyou 3000. My conclusion. Yes, I have done my MBA from this pathetic college. The collegelags to place the candidate, quality staff If you want a branded certificate from your 2 yearsof study, SIBM Hyd is for you. If you are a hard worker and enjoy the fruit of your life SIBMHYD is not for you. People who have no options, not getting a chance anywhere and can'twaste a year for an MBA can apply, but the future is dark. People who have a familybusiness or good contact with industry can come. 

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Student Driven: It is primarily to be understood that being a new college, we are perhaps the most student driven college with excellent scope for co –curricular along with the academia. Faculty: We have a team of 16 full time faculties having PhD in 15 different functional areas who come with an average experience of 16 years in academics and professional space. Facilities & Infra: We have state of art facility established in terms of infrastructure that one can expect from a B- School. The library is diversified with excellent collections from Harvard which can be accessed both online through in-house web portal and offline in the form of physical books in the library. Discipline: The campus is highly inclined towards academic and social discipline with zero tolerance for miscreants. Industrial Connect & Placements: The campus has to its claim a great industry connect whereby it could attract 40 corporates for Placements and the SIP Process in the year 2016-17. · 93% batch of 2014-16 got placed with an average salary of Rs. 6 Lakhs per annum. · 80% of batch & counting of 2015-17 has been placed with an average package of Rs. 6.82 per annum. Achieving a fate of this kind in the first two years of its being in the industry itself shows its potential!

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