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Guys, I am just about to complete my pgdbf for canara bank from manipal. As you all are my juniors , so I am ready to help. If u have any queries post it here , i will help. I was selected in first list from gurgaon circle 2018.

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@ksid95  ·  0 karma

it is for nitte not manipal

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@rajsan82  ·  181 karma

@NBD123 how tough are the semester exams?

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@pakshi  ·  110 karma

guys i hv one doubt,i used to work in private sector and dere dey opened my pf accnt ,now after joining canara when dey will open my pf accnt dey will see that i already hv a pf account so will dey ask me the relieving letter coz i dnt hv one..plz suggest guys

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@cheeky_monkey  ·  9 karma

@pakshi you have ample amount of time before the classes begin..change the type of account of PF(NPS) from Central Govt/Private to Own-Citizens-Model..that would mean that you’ve opened your own account and is maintaining it yourself by self-contributions!

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@pakshi  ·  110 karma

@cheeky_monkey problem is dat i dont have access to my uan number because ample amount of time has passed.will it create prblm if i dont change dat

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No of candidates selected each day group wise

No of candidates selected ,Centre, Date, Time

5,BENGALURU,04.02.2019,11:00 AM

6,BENGALURU,04.02.2019,8:00 AM

11,BENGALURU,05.02.2019,8:00 AM

8,BENGALURU,05.02.2019,11:00 AM

11,BENGALURU,06.02.2019,8:00 AM

5,BENGALURU,06.02.2019,11:00 AM

10,BENGALURU,07.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,BENGALURU,07.02.2019,11:00 AM

6,BENGALURU,08.02.2019,8:00 AM

6,CHANDIGARH,04.02.2019,8:00 AM

4,CHANDIGARH,04.02.2019,11:00 AM

1,CHANDIGARH,05.02.2019,8:00 AM

2,CHANDIGARH,08.02.2019,11:00 AM

3,CHANDIGARH,09.02.2019,8:00 AM

1,CHANDIGARH,09.02.2019,11:00 AM

6,CHENNAI,04.02.2019,8:00 AM

6,CHENNAI,04.02.2019,11:00 AM

8,CHENNAI,05.02.2019,8:00 AM

7,CHENNAI,05.02.2019,11:00 AM

8,CHENNAI,06.02.2019,8:00 AM

5,CHENNAI,06.02.2019,11:00 AM

12,CHENNAI,07.02.2019,8:00 AM

6,CHENNAI,07.02.2019,11:00 AM

10,CHENNAI,08.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),04.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),04.02.2019,11:00 AM

8,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),05.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),05.02.2019,11:00 AM

4,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),06.02.2019,8:00 AM

3,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),06.02.2019,11:00 AM

2,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),07.02.2019,8:00 AM

3,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),07.02.2019,11:00 AM

4,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),08.02.2019,11:00 AM

2,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),08.02.2019,8:00 AM

4,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),09.02.2019,8:00 AM

5,GURUGRAM (PANEL I),09.02.2019,11:00 AM

2,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),04.02.2019,8:00 AM

1,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),04.02.2019,11:00 AM

1,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),05.02.2019,8:00 AM

1,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),06.02.2019,11:00 AM

4,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),07.02.2019,8:00 AM

7,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),07.02.2019,11:00 AM

5,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),08.02.2019,8:00 AM

1,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),08.02.2019,11:00 AM

4,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),09.02.2019,8:00 AM

4,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),09.02.2019,11:00 AM

3,GURUGRAM (PANEL II),10.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,KOLKATA,04.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,KOLKATA,04.02.2019,11:00 AM

4,KOLKATA,05.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,KOLKATA,05.02.2019,11:00 AM

1,KOLKATA,06.02.2019,8:00 AM

2,KOLKATA,06.02.2019,11:00 AM

4,KOLKATA,07.02.2019,8:00 AM

4,KOLKATA,07.02.2019,11:00 AM

2,KOLKATA,08.02.2019,8:00 AM

16,LUCKNOW,04.02.2019,8:00 AM

11,LUCKNOW,04.02.2019,11:00 AM

16,LUCKNOW,05.02.2019,8:00 AM

12,LUCKNOW,05.02.2019,11:00 AM

9,LUCKNOW,06.02.2019,8:00 AM

12,LUCKNOW,06.02.2019,11:00 AM

12,LUCKNOW,07.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,LUCKNOW,07.02.2019,11:00 AM

9,LUCKNOW,08.02.2019,11:00 AM

14,LUCKNOW,08.02.2019,8:00 AM

12,LUCKNOW,09.02.2019,8:00 AM

5,LUCKNOW,09.02.2019,11:00 AM

3,MUMBAI,04.02.2019,8:00 AM

3,MUMBAI,04.02.2019,11:00 AM

3,MUMBAI,05.02.2019,8:00 AM

4,MUMBAI,05.02.2019,11:00 AM

6,MUMBAI,06.02.2019,8:00 AM

6,MUMBAI,06.02.2019,11:00 AM

10,MUMBAI,07.02.2019,8:00 AM

10,MUMBAI,07.02.2019,11:00 AM

14,MUMBAI,08.02.2019,8:00 AM

5,MUMBAI,08.02.2019,11:00 AM

11,MUMBAI,09.02.2019,8:00 AM

12,RANCHI,04.02.2019,8:00 AM

7,RANCHI,04.02.2019,11:00 AM

9,RANCHI,05.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,RANCHI,05.02.2019,11:00 AM

9,RANCHI,06.02.2019,8:00 AM

9,RANCHI,06.02.2019,11:00 AM

11,RANCHI,07.02.2019,8:00 AM

8,RANCHI,07.02.2019,11:00 AM

11,RANCHI,08.02.2019,8:00 AM

11,RANCHI,08.02.2019,11:00 AM

10,RANCHI,09.02.2019,8:00 AM

14,RANCHI,09.02.2019,11:00 AM

8,RANCHI,10.02.2019,8:00 AM

10,TRIVANDRUM,04.02.2019,8:00 AM

15,TRIVANDRUM,04.02.2019,11:00 AM

3,TRIVANDRUM,05.02.2019,8:00 AM

8,TRIVANDRUM,05.02.2019,11:00 AM

9,TRIVANDRUM,06.02.2019,11:00 AM

5,TRIVANDRUM,06.02.2019,8:00 AM

6,TRIVANDRUM,07.02.2019,8:00 AM

7,TRIVANDRUM,07.02.2019,11:00 AM

8,TRIVANDRUM,08.02.2019,8:00 AM

7,TRIVANDRUM,08.02.2019,11:00 AM

6,VIJAYAWADA,04.02.2019,8:00 AM

6,VIJAYAWADA,04.02.2019,11:00 AM

4,VIJAYAWADA,05.02.2019,8:00 AM

5,VIJAYAWADA,05.02.2019,11:00 AM

5,VIJAYAWADA,06.02.2019,8:00 AM

4,VIJAYAWADA,06.02.2019,11:00 AM

4,VIJAYAWADA,07.02.2019,8:00 AM

3,VIJAYAWADA,07.02.2019,11:00 AM

2,VIJAYAWADA,08.02.2019,8:00 AM

3,VIJAYAWADA,08.02.2019,11:00 AM

10,VIJAYAWADA,09.02.2019,11:00 AM

7,VIJAYAWADA,09.02.2019,8:00 AM

12,VIJAYAWADA,10.02.2019,8:00 AM

8,VIJAYAWADA,10.02.2019,11:00 AM

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@neelima4u  ·  165 karma

@2828 this is the full analysis

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@2828  ·  0 karma

@neelima4u thank you

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Plz add my number to Manipal university group Canara Bank pgdbf 2019 7730897070

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@Sravan123kumar  ·  25 karma

Yeah same here.. Will u add me that group 9032290732

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@anurag030589  ·  14 karma

Remove extra h

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Why very less candidates from chandigarh and gurgaon were selected?

It was intentional from canara bank not to select candidates from this region
panels were strick and gave less marks
candidates performed below par and were not worthy to get selected
any other
42 answers
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

Any one please forward the attachment of medical forms f1461 and f1462 I didn't get attachments through mail

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@6666js  ·  4 karma
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Bhaiyo waiting list ka wait na Karo unless you're from lucknow or Ranchi. Agli list me bhi un logo ka hi hoga bc gurgaon and Chandigarh valo ka fir katega

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@neelima4u  ·  165 karma

@msaneja also if we can know the gd pi marks of the 6 general candidates selected from chandigarh, we should send them that too... One girl is scoring 75.4 from chandigarh and selected (Ridham). She was right on the edge too...

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@msaneja  ·  29 karma

Definitely it should be taken to higher level to avoid it next tym..

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Found this on telegram, Selected candidates category wise from different locations

Post 39215428961000
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@msaneja  ·  29 karma

Some people were asking for proof last time.. here it is for them..

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@neelima4u  ·  165 karma
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Is there anyone who is going to bangalore from Jaipur may exp

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My RTI reply for GDPI. My written score- 131.5

category- general
Post 39172920749504
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@Rocko2  ·  1 karma

@Sapna829singh interview date ?

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@narasimhaa  ·  9 karma

@ridzi007 yeahh my score is just 126.5......god's grace,,i m in

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