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Guys! To start with, campus placement preparation has become a major challenge. The skill requirement of companies and the curriculum of colleges is no where overlapping. As a result, it has become hard to crack the recruitment tests and interviews of even mass recruiters like TCS, Infosys, Wipro etc, especially for the non-cse guys. Technical skill requirement (knowledge of programming) has been on rise since a year. 

My knowledge of placement scenario has improved ever since I have attended them myself. Here is my take on what websites to prepare from.


1) India Bix -  https://www.indiabix.com/aptitude/questions-and-answers/ 

2) Aptipedia -  https://www.faceprep.in/aptipedia/ 


1) Geeksforgeeks -  https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/ 

2) Faceprep (C and DS only) -  https://www.faceprep.in/c-programming-questions/  and  https://www.faceprep.in/data-structures-programs/ 

3) Javatpoint -  https://www.javatpoint.com/ 

4) Tutorials point

Competitive Coding (for Hiring challenges and for product companie like Amazon, Microsoft, SAP labs):

1) Hacker Rank 

2) Hacker Earth

3) Codechef

Company recruitment patterns and frequently asked questions

1) Faceprep's company corner -  https://www.faceprep.in/companies/ 

2) Hitbullseye -  https://cpt.hitbullseye.com/Test-Pattern.php 

Suggestion: Please donot buy materials/courses from any of these websites. A lot of content is available for free. You can prepare from them. But if you still prefer/ require some help in understanding concepts better, then you may go for them.

Also, please do share websites that might help.

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Bro let's prepare together.

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Which branch are you from

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