Calls from IIMs & GD/WAT/PI preparations

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This group is all about answering queries on likely IIM calls for candidates and how they should prepare for the next rounds of sevaluations. Ask away :-)

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How to start prep?

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Hi @arish07 there are two basic approaches I can think of.

1) Depending on your profile, preparing for the GD, PI, and WAT on your own - that would require a good level of researching on experiences of those who cleared your dream institutes last couple of years, then going about systematically acquiring a good broad level General knowledge on current affairs (ideally at least three levels of depth - by 'three levels of depth', I mean being able to answer three follow-up "Why"s on your understanding of a given topic) as well as pertaining to your individual profile (depending on your educational background, work experience, place you hail from or even about your name or hobbies). 

2) Joining some institute or classes that help structure this for you: Me and a few alums from XLRI, IIMC and a few best MBA institutes in the country have initiated an online portal targetting GD, PI, WAT, and GK sessions for students like you here: You can take a look at it.

Our aim is to bridge that gap - provide that level of personalisation and imparting our experience of the whole process to improve your chances of converting that call.

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