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Read this review before deciding whether to buy Byjus tab or not.

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I bought byju's Cat tab course for 28k in January, and my experience with it has been the WORST!!

Before you buy the tab, they will call you on a weekly basis to know when you'll pay, but as soon as you put the money, that is the end of their support.

They market it as you're getting lesson's from india's best teachers, byju and santhosh. They are good, agreed, but surely not worth 28k.

The videos in the tab are 4 years old ( shot in 2012). Some of the shortcuts he talks about rely on the options, which won't work for around 25% of the questions now anyway.

And Byju will explain one shortcut type method, but when I emailed my mentor that they assigned regarding some doubts I had, the solution he gave was purely formulas. How is anyone supposed to get thorough with the shortcut techniques that they claim to provide when the mentor they give you will only answer in 1 page formulas??

I contacted their customer care for a change in mentor. The second one they assigned was far worse than the first. Not replying to emails and not picking up calls either, I kept emailing and calling for 3 days to no reply.

I raised another ticket on their byju.freshdesk something page regarding this. They promised a solution within 24 hours. and emailed me stating the same, and they quietly closed the ticket after 24 hours without informing me or providing any solution whatsoever, so I wrote that on the comments to the ticket, that I didn't receive any solution. No response. So I raised a fresh ticket stating what had happened, this time, i didn't even receive any email as acknowledgement, they just went ahead and closed it.

Finally I called them and told them this, and the person who spoke to me said, she passed the ticket on to her manager and he was the one that closed it apparently, and told me to contact the mentor again. This time when I called he picked up and promised to send me solutions by end of the day, and he did not.

So the next day I called him again, and he behaves very rudely, says he won't send solutions, he'll explain through phone if needed, I said the first mentor I was assigned did so, please type the solutions and email me the pic of it, to which he said no and told me go ask the old mentor then.

Oh and another very important thing, THE COURSE MATERIAL HAS NO SOLUTIONS AT ALL.

So if you want even the answer key, you HAVE TO contact your mentor.

The tab has some sectional tests loaded on it. This also has no solutions.

For any solution or answer key you need from their material you need to contact your mentor and their mentors are very rude and least bothered about addressing your concern.

So in short. paying 28k for a tab filled with outdated videos and nothing else is an utter waste of money, in order to use any of the other material they provide , you need mentor's support which they won't give. 

Truth about byju is once you pay them the money, they are least bothered about any of your concerns.

I emailed and called mentor, helpdesk etc for around 2 weeks, before writing this review, I kept giving them chances thinking that this might be a one off incident. I told them I will tell people about how they are treating their students and yet they are least bothered. 

I feel cheated after buying this course. Ask anyone who is a Cl or vistamind online course student how quickly their mentors respond to their doubts. I regret buying this and feel I should have purchased a course for vistamind or CL instead, because here, all you can do is just watch the videos, that too theres a limit of 3 times you can watch each video. Simply watching the videos won't get you into IIMs unless you are already a genius, you need to practice the methods mentioned, but for all of that you are on your own. don't expect any help from your mentor! 

Please share this with anyone who is about to buy Byju's Cat class so they know what they are getting into, and also so that the people over at Byju's learn that this is not the way to treat the students who cough up hard earned money for their products.


I have all the screenshots of the tickets I raised , which got closed with no solutions, as well as the emails I send the mentor to which I received no response. I will be willing to upload them and pass it to anyone who needs further proof regarding any of this.

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