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Need help!!!I got selected in both BOB and IDBI now very confused which bank should I join??? Few people are saying if you are looking for fast growth but low salary and posting in rural area than go for BOB and if u are looking for slow growth but high salary but high work pressure and posting in urban area than go for IDBI,,,, very confused please suggest the bank name and reason why I should go for it....also compare the salary!!Please help only few days are left ,,,Thanks in advance

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The choice is yours. I will state the info for both.

BOB: Bank Type: More Retail - More personal/lone customers than business type

Posting: Rural

Salary: Will depend on posting ( which will be rural in most case) hence salary will come in less in gross figures>

Work: As any other Bank 

Growth: Banks will more or less will have same growth pattern and will not differ so as the select one

IDBI: Bank Type: More Business/Corporate 

Posting Urban can be rural

Salary: Depends on posting

Work: SInce urban more work but better facilities and liffestyle.

Growth same.

Firstly Ask employees of both the bank and then Make a decision.

My advice ; IDBI

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