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Hello everyone, greetings from Admissions team BITS Pilani.

All of you might have got a mail from the admissions team regarding the postponement of the currently scheduled online interview process till further notice because of orders from the central and the state government as well as advisories from various regulatory agencies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

As the process is further postponed and there is a lot of confusion regarding the same, we have created WhatsApp groups for every google handout ID. 

The first mail you got from the BITS admission team regarding the online process, you were given a date, time slot, and a google hangout ID. 

Everyone is requested to join the WhatsApp group corresponding to their Google Handout ID only. The list of google hangout IDs and WhatsApp groups have been shared via mail.

For example, if your google hangout ID is mba.admissions2@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in then you are requested to join the WhatsApp group corresponding to that ID only.

If you still have confusion regarding your google hangout ID then please refer to the mail where you were given your date and time for the online interview.

Our student coordinators are present in every group to assist you with any more queries and doubts.

We urge you to maintain the decorum and only information related to admissions will be posted here, just don't panic and create more confusion.


Admissions Committee

BITS Pilani

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@vinay6789  ·  15 karma

@Bhumika_Ajmera its been 15 days there is no information about the interviews can you share some dates whether it would be there in some time or the next month.

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@RishabhJain7BITS Pilani  ·  6 karma

@vinay6789 Hi Vinay, as per the current situation BITS campus is in complete lockdown due to government orders. As soon as things clear up, the Department will soon reach out to you guys to give in more information regarding the process. You have waited patiently for so long, and we thank you for your cooperation, wait a bit longer as things pan out.

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