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Sir can you elaborate on weightage given to the academics and GD/PI
I belong to TN MBC does it play a role as i'm really worried my CAT marks its slightly low

The weightages to GD/PI are not disclosed. Academic performance does not matter much. Just focus on doing your GD-PI well.

vivshree Says
I have seen like Waiting list for OC and waiting list for BC and ST.. Is there any waiting list for MBC too or its just till the written test and for GDPI does it come under OC?? Seniors throw some light

There are waiting lists for all categories and in the case of MBC there is usually minimal movement.

how were the placements this year
plz give us some data
thanks in advance

Kindly wait for a few weeks.The placement report will be out.As per policy we are not supposed to disclose placement data but I would say it is better than last year.
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