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meghla.rc Says
Sir can you elaborate as mentioned in the website "The application form should be filled up carefully and sent to us on or before 15th March 2011 along with a Photocopy of your CAT score card. In case you fail to send the filled-in form we will presume that you are not interested in joining BIM. If you have any difficulty in sending the filled in form before the due date inform us through email (".Is the application form the same as the one filled up at the starting stage??

I sent a mail to for clarification of this application form that has to be sent by 15th of march.
Will have to wait for atleast 24 hours.
Seniors , is it possible for you to clarify where we can get format of this application form ?????

Hi seniors,
Could u tell me which apllication form, they are asking over here.
I have applied once earlier for which last date was there any other form we have to fill in?
One more query
Its mention that in the process there would be a written analysis.Does that mean there would a essay writting round ?

Yeah Me too having confusion over application form. are they sending any new form by post? I will have to hurry because they say If you do not send the form then We will assume that you are not interested in joining BIM..! I have GDPI at mumbai 17 april 2.00 pm
Please elaborate!! :shocked:

The 'application form' here does not mean the form which you filled up in the beginning. You will be getting a form by post. In it you need to fill up information like extra curricular activities,career goals, Why Management,hobbies,newspapers you read,academic achievements etc. You will also be asked to specify two specialisations and may be asked to justify your choice (It doesn't mean you will be allotted those specialisations only. You can always change after you come here)

The forms would have been dispatched and will reach you soon.

Written analysis is for the Group Discussion. You would be asked to write a summary of the GD after it is done.
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