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Updated 30 Dec, 2009.

Me gonna get placed (hopefully) in a few months time , being an IT student, wanted to know which company offered frshers work into SAP straight up.

coz thers thi s chiken egg scenario of "unless u have work ex in SAP,you cant get a job in SAP " Vs "freshers need to work in some other field ,then maybe shift,but then theyre steriotyped as non SAP "

So as of now , im looking at L&T; infotech which does predominantly SAP,scm,erp realted work. Or maybe try Accenture who are bug players of SAP,and that too consultants ,but again have to be lucky to get into sap.Or maybe do non SAP work first ,then fo a 1.5 lac SAP certification .

Does anyone konw of other such companies ,or how to make the 'sweetest move' considering a frsher wants to break into the SAP functional consultant scene .

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