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Updated 2 Mar, 2007.

I've heard that the following are the best B-Schools in Bangalore :
1. Alliance Business Academy
2. IIM-B
3. Christ
4. Xavier Institute Of Management
5. Indian Institute Of Science
6. Xavier Institute Of Management & Entrepreneurship

Then what about the overall performance of these institutions :

1. Institute Of Business Management & Research (IBMR)
2. MATS School Of Business
3. Indian Business Academy
4. Institute Of Technology & Management (ITM)
5. St. Joseph's College Of Commerce
6. Acharya Institute Of Management & Sciences
7. Institute Of Finance & International Management
8. Kristu Jayanti College Of Management & Technology
9. Garden City College
10. PES Institute Of Management

I've heard that these are having above average placement & infrastructure. Is that true ? And is there any institutions in these list which are not even worth applying ?

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