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So India has five zones and selection has been made zone wise, k fine let it be,they have mentioned clearly that only interview will be conducted for State wise or zone wise but ** important they have mentioned it clearly the selected candidates should be from the state concerned only*** interview can happen State wise or zone the selected one for any State should be from the concerned State only , now I don't understand y ur not at all talking about it and leaving it comfortably, k Still u are going to say everything happened is fair, now as per u say if they have selected according to zone wise the total vacancy they have provided for South zone, five states and a union territory is 51 in the official notification , but the total number of candidates got selected from the south zone five states and a union territory is just 27 , now what u gonna say u left uttarpradesh and delhi, uttarpradesh and Delhi which also belongs to South zone, that's y so many got selected from there because it comes under the same zone , and everything happened in a fair way, now that's what u all gonna say right.

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Share ur wat sup no

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