I am seeing this forum and want to give some clarifications as the current senior batch student of BIMM
1. BIMM is called as the flagship institute because it was the first institute of Sri Balaji society.it was initially known as IIMM when it was autonomous and when they went to AICTE approval they said the word "Indian" can't be used by private institute even if it is approved by AICTE. Hence the word "Indian" was replaced by "Balaji".
2. BITM (then ICTM) , BIIB (then ICIB) , BIMHRD (then ICMHRD) were started subsequently and hence is known as sister institutions.
3. Common admission Process takes place for all the four institutes at a time in 25 cities all over India. Since everyone does'nt apply for CAT and also as the supreme court of India has accepted 5 National level entrance test, 3 Scores are accepted by Sri Balaji Society.-CAT, to which the four institutes are affiliated, CMAT- which is conducted by AICTE.MAT- which is conducted by All India Association of Management Schools. CMAT and MAT Scores are however equalized to CAT scores. The total weightage given in the overall merit list for the entrance test is 30 % only. Therefore the cut off point is not relevant in Sri Balaji Society. They have their own merit list making mechanism which is properly published in the handbook. The handbook is available in their website (www.balajisociety.org)
4. weightage given to GD is 30% , to interview is 30% and for essay writing 10%. GD is a lengthy process of 45 minutes. Bala sir himself visits most of the centres and takes the GD which includes a briefing, interaction with each applicant, face to face clarifications, role play , extempore and a GD.I myself have gone through this and such is the case with everyone whoever has been finally selected.
5. Each institute has its exclusive companies also, although 99% of the companies have common placements for al he four istitutes.eg: Vedanta (which recruits 2 or 3 students every year), ICICI (which recruited 10-15 students) and HDFC are visiting BIMM and very soon all these will visit all the four institutes. Infosys visited BITM only. Though they visited BIMM also last year. State Trading corporation which offers 7.25 l visited BIIB only. Like this depending upon the vacancy the company visits and recruits.
6. The average salary in BIMM is slightly high because there is an Executive Batch with students with work experience. Moreover 50-60% of the BIMM students have some work experience besides being engineers.
We educated people should understand all the relevant facts instead of fighting in dark. It should also be noted that there is something known as “ individual capability”.
7. What is fact is faculties here are excellent. The discipline is the key word here. Those who can't attend class regularly should be discouraged to join any of Sri Balaji's Institutes. Life is tough but quite exciting. It has a rich list of alumni in the corporate world
8. When it comes to placements, it is a big fight amongst the four institutes as it is a common placements. So it is the “survival of the fittest”. The company lays down the criteria and the CV's are sent to them. They shortlist and see the students. No one including the directors or even Bala Sir is allowed to interfere in the system. It is an absolutely open and transparent system. What is to be noted is all the corporate relation teams of all the four institutes get the companies for all the students from all the four institutes.
So friends, instead of listening here and the visit our alumni sites and talk to our alumni or ask your friends to visit the campus and check. A Society which places nearly 1000 students every year with good compensation in branded companies now for more than a decade has its own strengths. Do take time to visit our website and understand the information.
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d biib fee over all is 7 lakh....n till nw 60% of studnt is been plced with heighest pakage of 8 lakh , avrg 4.5 and min 3.5so ROI ( return on investment) is nt gudno 100%  placement

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I too got sellectd in biib. . .but i m confused

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