back in school...those were the days :sigh:

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Todays discussion on SB brought back a lot a fond memories abt childhood n school... school days :: where do i start...we all have so many memories n so many stories abt school...certainly one of the best phases of our lives...from endless ...
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Well back in 6th class, for my Fancy Dress competition:p , I wanted to dress up as a rooster. That was because of the reason..... The girl I liked was dressing up as a hen ( She had a speech planned up about the advantages off eating eggs and all...... :shocked::shocked:).

Well, my mom didn't exactly support me ( of course, I didn't tell her the reason). I thus, had to settle for SYMBOL OF UNITY. I had to first act as a Hindu, then a Muslim, a sardar and eventually as a Christian. Needless to say, I won the first prize. :angel::angel:.
Well, after that I never tried any of my stupid ideas to patao a girl. Damn, if my parents would've supported me at that time, I would've had a hen.......... err.... I mean a girlfrnd at school.:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

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oh yeah was santa too

had to go around distributing sweets to the whole school! dont know how many times my fake beard got pulled.....

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choppey n egonomist

fancy dress compt...n i cnt think o nething but me dressed as a gubbarewala (i hated it to d core o my heart..most o d gals in my skool used to get dressed as a fairy 😁 ..i envied dem soo much!!) kajal ke garmi ke karan aadhi ud gayi sir pe turban sort o thing...haath me ek danda..aur dande me dher saare gubbare i was suppposed to go n sing "gubbare lo gubbare..lal hare nile peele...uucha uucha inhe udao..." ..mai gusse me de made me dressed as a guy ...went dere ..n stood numb...came bak widout speaking a word..

next tim..i ws made santa claus red dress..shiny white beard..n i was plump..actually looked lik a small version o santa.. 😁 ..teachers saw me..n i was asked to escott d judges for d annual day didnt know wotta do..went after dem..went to stage..n fell head over heels on d stage
poor me!!

again next dressed lik charlie chaplin d black hat..d stick n everything..i go to stage..n forget wotevr i ws supposed to do...finally ended up singing d poem "ek tamatar laal laal..
jaise mere gaal laal..
tum bhi khao..mai bhi khaoon..
ho jaayein sab koi laal laal "

dat ws the day...n i nvr participated in fancy dress again .. dose days wer jus great!!

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oh yeah remembered from mr. chop suey's post - i have had a lot of fond memories as i participated through a lot of dramas and theater and assemblies.

particularly fond was the time I played ravan in ramayan. i guess i was a good actor and was carrying a lot of girth. also, since it was a hindi play, i gave it a particular tamilian accent to my dialogs. my defense - ravan was a tamilian.

since, we had a tailor to stitch costumes. the dress rehearsal was particularly embarrassing. i had to take a fall and ripped my dhoti

luckily for me i had worn boxers under my dhoti. and to make matters worse there were lots of girls and teachers around. at any rate i had a jumbo sized dhoti stitched....


p.s: have a whole list of such embarrassing incidents, can keep the thread going for a long long time...

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@pallavi egonomist...thanks 4 reviving the thread guys :thumbsup:

was in the Sr. KG i guess when my mom n my aunt decided that i should take part in the school fancy dress competition (mind u i was not even consulted before the decision was taken :huh:) they decided that i should be playing hanuman (poor me 😃 n they got the costumes ready with the dhoti, gadha, the mask n ofcourse the tail (now how could u miss on that :p)...i still remember i was to say the following lines "Jai shri ram...mai ram bhagat hunuman aap sabko pranam karta hu...jai shri ram"...was supposed to jump in with the "jai shri ram" line...similarly jump out with the same line...infact my mom n my aunt had written a nice big paragraph 4 me...but thanks to my great memory 😛 they had to cut it down to only 3 line the day beaconed n every1 from my class n kids from other std were there...almost all the girls were dressed up in a sari n were playing a teacher ...yaar y r gals so short of ideas i dont know :p...I remember a guy was playing the character of n adhivasi...n we frds plucked out half the leaves from his costume before he could go on stage ..neways even i got my fair share of harassment frds couldn' tried to convince me that no such thing would happen as we sat in the audience to watch the proceedings...i was dying to c my other frds goof up as well n i wasnt to be disappointed phir on my way home i got to have n ice cream 4 my splendid performance that day :p

PS : my mom gave up on me after my third failed attempt in a fancy dress competition this competition i guess a gal playing the role of a teacher won :huh: muzay kuch different attempt karney ke liya kuch to diya hota 😛

kya din they wo yaar

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Had a lot of fond memories in school. Thought I would share some not so fond memories:

2.Food stains
4.Fights....followed by more crying
5.Punishments (due to dry skin used to put vaseline and when made to kneel, I used to slip all over the place)
6.Teachers meeting parents
7.Detention meant running laps around the track
9.Studies :tellme:
10.Board Exams
11.Mismatched socks during sports

And my favorite ripped pants.:biggrin: Had a lot of them and they were embarrassing. They be as ripped as the smiley face :biggrin:

Lets just say that I became quite good at stitching and sewing by the end of my school.


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school life!! n my mind gets filled with the same enthu,the same excitement and d wonderful feeling of skool..the campus,the canteen,the teachers,the playground ,the 15 min break, the fun..n the friends:) !!

i still feel m like the same 5 yr old pallavi..sitting on my fathers lap..n playing wid a doll okay people...dat might look crazy to some of you..but yeah..i was ..a doll freak.. 😛 anyone ask me for somthing n i had d readymade answer "DOLL"!a typical gal u can say .. how much i wish to go back to dat age..when i used to hav balloons tied on one hand and n icecream in other n mouth full of chocolates 😁 food has olwaz been my lif..n i tried various ways o trying dis wonderful gift o god dat actually stuck up a chocolate in my nose(ws trying to push it inside thru nose innovative i was!)...
came to skool..dat 5 kilo ka bag on a 15 kgs myself..luved carrying evrything i cud n evrything i cud get a grab on.. : (now dont even have a notebook in my room!)

Passion:collecting matchbox covers which had made almost all the kids of my age mad ... heaps of garbage n paanthelas wer the favourite hangouts as we 24 7 hoped to discover a new match-stick-box-cover no wonder i had 600 different types of them

changed school 5 times ..was a serious,sincere student student all my life ..(gawd!noones ready to believes d fact now )sonot much of masti in school..but i jus cant forget those 3-3 hours long assemblies..dau(our principal sir) ke lectures..singing songs n playing "killer-detective","truth n dare","name-place-animal-thing","hot hands" (and what not!)during d classes..fighting for samosas in d canteen...beating one of my frnds (poor guy!used to run like anythin ) chatting for hours in front of the school gate with cycle in one hand ..icecream in other..making sand ke birthday-cakes,castles and temples with friends in the evening...jumping around in the games of "billas" n "boroplus"

den d time of leaving school.. when all spent hrs n hrs filling slam books pe slambooks ,writing comments and on each others shirts..d fairwell ceremony..those wishes of teachers..n with tears in eyes....i miss my school life 😞 !!

first day to college oily hair..2 plates..slippers..a polythene bag n of course d ragging..the "chavanni-aththanni" in so called "sessions" d irritating rules in hostels loved those days!

2 more years in much to much to enjoy..n so much to experience 😃 ..dunno what life holds for us after dat !

wish i cud get dose days back!

thanks choppey for dis wonderful thread!
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@ choppie first of all thanks for starting a wonderful thread....

Hav put some of the incidents that I remember from my childhood life ... pretty hard to recollect though...

Age 1-2 ( Was in Ambur, a small town in Tamil Nadu)- Don even remmeber a pinch of anythin tht happenend....:satisfie:

Age 3 - fell into a street drain slippin from a guy's butter hands ( not the best thing to remember as the first incident :neutral: )

Age 5 ( came to Vellore, TN ) - I standard - rememberin a gal who used to steal pencil boxes from me.

Age 6 - II standard - was playing wit match sticks, burnt one, threw it on the neighbourhood's thorn bush and urs truly my house's bush (not intentionally yaar, thinkin that it had been put out ), they burnt like hell damaging window panes, was given one hell of a beating :)...

Age 6 - II standard - got first prize for bun eating competition ahead of many seniors ( guys of age > 6).

Age 7 (came to chennai) - III std - started reading Tinkle - Loved Suppandi, Kalia (I stil read it )

Age 9 - V std - started the religion of the country - Playin Crickettttttt..

Age 10 - VI Standard - My first Tears of Joy - Got 99/ 100 in Social :wow: .. y did I cry? bcoz the teacher frightened me sayin I got fail marks bfore givin me the paper :(. had my first Hand video game ( Volleyball and Brick Game :))

Age 11 - VII Std - Punishment from the same teacher to stay outside the class for a week for scolding a Junior boy (which I never did though :().... Used to watch Giant Robot, Popeye, Samurai serial ..

Age 12-13 - VIII std - Used to mug up all film songs lyrics with friends ( even Hindi songs:)) .. got promotion to play TV video games ( Mario, Road fighter, Mortal Kombat )..

Age 14 - IX std - (Shifted to Trichy) - Played - Studied wit friends...
Age 15 - X Std - Studied-Played - Ahem...... Met my Gal in my class......

Age 16,17 - Played and studied wit my Gal and my friends.....

Age 18 - 21 - (college in coimbatore) Played and Studied and Enjoyed life for 4 yrs ................... wit whom do u think ?? Yes wit my same gal 😃 and a group of 57 WONDERFUL maverickian classmates:) .
Age 21 0 days - Became a PAGALGUY

Age 21 9 months - Became a trainee PAGALGUY

Age 21 11 months - Became an Expert Pagalguy

And the Journey goes on...................................... Thank u PGuys for makin me relive my past memories here...:satisfie:


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man my eyes get moist when i read this thread . alas :neutral:

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Nice thread Chop ..
Tried hard to recollect those fond memories:grin:

As said by many the best period of our lives. And what makes it the best is as a child we never had tensions and LIFE was not as complex as it is now. No tensions to find job, no struggle to to fight competition, sadly sooner or later this period comes to and END:(

was absolute freak then, crazy about the legendary WWF used to collect WWF cards, had great collection of it, probably best in school or may be in top 5

Those were the days when different things made our biggest craze(now absurd).

First Fight(gang war): Me and friend(gopal) catching(me hands and gopal legs) hold of guy called LUCKY and taking him to the corridor and dropping him from 1.5 feet above ground leveldirectly on concrete .... Truly PaGaL since 1987

It was 2nd class when I learned cycling:biggrin::biggrin: used to rent it from neighborhoods cycle store @ Rs2/- hour :biggrin::biggrin:

Was a terrible student(at least for teachers)... never ever did my home-work so was the situation of Class-work. As I grew(mentally and Physically) learned to give different excuses, especially to social teacher.

Got a cycle in 4th class and it was sort of passion to cycle everyday for an hour or so.

Favorite Program: Alif Laila (great Ramanand Sagar) ... every sunday used to flock in neighbors home to watch Zee Horror Show (bachpaan se hi insane)

Used to make different Gadgets with paper (whatever was in trend) cameras.. ships.. airplanes(MIG's)...

Life was Bindass then...

Jagjit Singh's gazal ...

Ye daulat bhi le lo
Ye shaurat bhi le lo
Bhale cheen lo tum ye meri jawanni
Magr mujh ko Lautaa do Bachpaan ka saaya..
.(forgot aage ka..:neutral:)

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