Beyond The MBA Hype

When IT professional Mitu (a fictional character in the book) describes his strategy to cut out the tedious research and take the 'short-cut' to gain a phoren MBA, his friend Sachin confronts him.
"What about the quality of teaching there? Placements? What about...? "
Mitu retorts - "You are just being jealous, dude. Suit yourself. Fix that bug in your code. I've got bigger plans. I'll send you postcards from Sydney or Amsterdam or I dont know some exotic place."

Pure piece of fiction in a non-fiction book? Think again!

My name is Sameer Kamat and I'm the author of 'Beyond the MBA Hype'.

I completed my MBA from the University of Cambridge, slogged my backside off in Mergers & Acquisitions (to pay off the edu loan & save for a rainy day) and then left the corporate world to become an MBA admissions consultant.

Over the years I realised that despite the high GMAT scores and the excellent academic & professional credentials of the Indian candidates, there's a huge disconnect between their expectations and the ground realities. Sadly, the mainstream media continues to fuel their unrealistic expectations. So I wrote this book to balance it out and provide the other side of the story.

After a truckload of rejections ('we like the book, but you don't have a saleable name'), a top-tier publishing house (HarperCollins) saw potential in it and agreed to publish it. I couldn't afford SRK, so I requested (a very enthusiastic and, er, animated) AB Sr to do the book promo video.

Soon after getting released, 'Beyond the MBA Hype' featured in the Times of India bestsellers list. The first 2 print-tuns of book have been sold out and the next edition is on the way. Do check it out.

On this thread, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you. This is not a thread to evaluate profiles. But if you have queries about - the value of international MBA programs, whether it is really worth all the effort, your motivations for pursuing an MBA (money, name, fame...or just good ol' frustration release?) - I'd be happy to share my perspectives.

Connect with me on --> Twitter @mba_cb, Facebook (, LinkedIn.

P.S. Thanks to the PG team for granting me the permission to start this thread.

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