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We welcome aboard Jeremy Shinewald from MBAMission to help guide you through the business school admissions maze. Jeremy has extensive expertise in the area of business admissions and essays along with great insight into what makes a brilliant app...
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Hi Jeremy,

I am Rachita, and presently in the United States; I am interested in a Masters course in Integrated marketing communication ( basically i am interested in branding and public relation) … at present i am applying to Medill's IMC and NYU 's - Integrated Marketing .. could you suggest me some more schools in this field.

- Regards,
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I am interested in giving SEBI officers exam inthe feild of legal stream. Can u please suggest me some book dat will be helpful for me. In clearing the paper with gud results. Please let me know as soon as possible!!::cheers:

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I'm in my third year right now and preparing for CAT.I plan to write CFA L1 in dec. or at max June 2011(in case i fail in end time prep. due to other commitments at the same time like CAT,SNAP,GMATetc.)...In short i plan to be done with all 3 levels within first 3-4 years of my job so that it help me to get a good b school(aiming for GMAT)...As CFA is globally recognized and accepted hence i just wanted to know,how big a tilt can it provide in my application for a good b school abroad?I've a tight budget of around 30-40L but won't mind taking a loan for another 10-20L in case i get a decent b school.I'm pretty good in studies and have good academics.I've a big tilt towards finance and wish to have my masters there.I'm planning for a full time MBA only.Kindly inform me about how much a consideration can a CFA provide for my application and please also name a few institutes where i've hold a realistic chance of getting in.

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Trying to get in touch with Jeremy. But wasn't sure if this thread is still active.

Founder - MBA CRYSTAL BALL ( | Twitter
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Hi Jeremy...I am applying for fall 2010 intake batch...please evaluate my profile below :
GMAT Score - 660 (Q49, V31, AWA 5.0)
Age - 26years
5 years experience in Telecommunications sector till Sep 2010.
International Exposure - Yes
Excellent in extracurricular activities, social activities and sports.
B.Tech : NIT - (4 Years) in India
GPA - 67%

I am planning to apply for following colleges. please let me know if my profile fits for these colleges.

Also pls suggest me some safety school?

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Hello Jeremy,

Are 5 years old extra curricular activities at under grad college worth mentioning in resume/essays !

Will 5 years old not so good GPA be considered a set back despite a 700+ GMAT and good work experience !

Is failing in an undergrad course a cardinal sin for b school applicant though cleared the second time with good grade but no other exam taken in past 5 years except GMAT ?


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Hi Jeremy,

I am an aspirant of Full-time MBA from the Ranked/Reputed B-Schools
in UK (Manchester/Cranfield/Warwick/Lancaster/Imperial).
I have a 'Not so known' profile (like the IIMs), so I am concerned
about my chances for selection.

Well, I am a Post-Graduate Doctor (Physiotherapist), with 3.4 yrs
of Self-employed/Entrepreneurial Experience (I have my own clinical setup).
My profile
BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) from Apollo Hospitals-60%
MPT (Master of Physiotherapy) - 75.7 % (Gold Medal)
10th - 70% 12th - 68%
3.4 years in Medical-Healthcare/Services - Consultant Dr/Entrepreneur
Excellent Extra-curriculars
Decent Social/ community work
Scheduled my IELTS & GMAT in Jan & Feb 2010. How much shall I aim my GMAT Score?
I'm finding a bit difficult to score 680-700+, as I dont have a sound Maths background (Medical).

As I see that PG is the Best source for interaction & getting
first hand (ACTUAL) informations regarding the MBA, so guys,
your guidance & help might be a great motivation, for
this greatest move of my career.

Dr Saurabh.

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Hi ,

I am in the process of applying to various schools for 2010-11,and oddly enough,the essays that I am getting stumped by are the "goals" essays. Thing is,I am currently working as a business process consultant ,which counts as a strategic activity ,however,the lack of mba prevents me from joining the big 4 strategic consulting firms,which ,happens to be my say that my goal is to continue in strategic consulting being a broaaaaad ,vague term,could you give me any advise on how to best articulate my goals?

also,one of my extracurriculars was starting up a campaign which was run by a few other volunteers (friends and family) targeted towards helping the poor.However,there is no proof that I started this campaign,except for a few brochures I printed to seek help..will such extracurriculars be acceptable?

Many thanks for your help.

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hello guys, i am appearing for the GMAT on Nov. 12 2009 and am looking at either going for a MBA or MFin course. i would like to know my prospects based on my profile thru ur expert guidance.

Age: 25 (Business consultant in Shipping)
Acads: BTech in IT in 2007 with 77%.
Work Ex: 3.5 years (1 years in india as a consultant, started a small firm undertaking outsourcing.
2.5 years as business consultant in Denmark in the healthcare and shipping industries, worked for A. P. Mller, the largest shipping company in the world). Knowledge of various shipping activities including shipbroking, container chartering, shipbuilding etc.

Can speak Danish (degree from language school) apart from English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

Extra curriculars: i am good at singing (many foreign languages)
have travelled extensively, over 30 countries including the North Pole.
Will be going to Antarctica in Nov. 2009 for 15 days as part of a climate change expedition.
Member of AIESEC, World's largest youth organization and have been part of their numerous international conferences.

I have recently been laid off from my current work due to the financial crisis and have decided to use this time to prepare for the GMAT. i would request your guidance and advise on the prospects.

Current GMAT score range in practice tests - 680-700. My career interests post MBA are in Strategy consulting and entrepreneurship. Based on these criteria, i am looking at applying to any 6 out of the univerities mentioned below:

dream - harvard, wharton.
ambitious - MIT, CGSB.
practical - LBS, INSEAD.
probable - Oxford & Duke.


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