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    Well, to make your preparation fruitful you have to try some of the tricks in order to ensure a good GRE score and that too in much lesser time i.e. one month. Since you have very little time to prepare be hopeless because trust me….Its doable and people have done it.To get a score that is decent for getting admission in schools based in the US i.e 320 or above, students will have to study hard and work smart for getting such a feat. Although, the selection doesn’t only rely on the score as it depends also on your overall academic and works profile. So, get off that couch and hustle!There are tips that I would like to share:

  • Work smart, not hard

Don’t strain yourself with the rigorous course. Instead, innovate yourself. Try and experiment with the methods and stuff. Be creative because that’s what makes you different from the competition

  • Choose courses wisely.

Tell you a trick. Always check the previous year’s results first before buying a course. Of course, they will hype up their results but you will get an idea at least. For me, I believed in Practice makes the man perfect rule. Therefore I tried to solve as many questions and quizzes as I could. I used to do it on a telegram channel GRE QUIZ http://www.theseblogs.com/AgtQY . They have free content and all the solutions as well.

  • Don't Plan on the Cram

Cram studying isn't beneficial for preserving "mental acquisition." If you study a day or two before the test for eight hours a day, not only are you going to burn out, you're more likely to get a lower score. Nothing you study will stick. Just as important is taking the day off before the test. Allow yourself to relax before the mental acrobatics your mind will be doing during the GRE.
Take Mock TestsNo practice, No scores. As simple as that will suggest you go through this link http://www.theseblogs.com/AgtQYfor unlimited questions. I liked preparing from these sourcesHope this helpsAll the best   

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