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Guys it's a sincere request please don't be fooled by the fake ones selling stuff in the name of discount. It's just a Trap. Whether it's material, Test series or anything else. I'm not telling everyone is a fruad but do ensure fully first and then initiate the payment process. Check his/her id, request them to show the product first like in the case of online content or Test series, be full assured the pay. Other wise you be a part of online fraud that spreading at very fast rate. You daily read various post regarding how they become victim of this online fruad. Just like past days one of our friend #JiveshT talks about how he pay 1k in advance in the name of discounted test series and got tricked. it happens daily with a lot of people here in the blog itself some tell their stories and some living quiet with guilt. so please be aware before proceeding. happy learning!

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