Hi Puy's,
Know its a little early with the admissions still going on, but is there anyone from Bangalore who completed their GMAT, TOEFL and all the necessary stuff and waiting to apply for Round -1 starting later this year?
I believe team effort works, so was looking for some company to sit down and start working on strategies and essays (from whats available) to ensure we have a strong approach, by leveraging each others strenghts.

Our schools list need not be alike, we can still leverage on our learnings and build a stronger application!
Little about me:
I am in the typical profile of any indian IT guy (Retail + IT), with no stellar GMAT score. I would like to move into Marketing or Strategy and Operations consulting post my MBA.
What I can offer?
Loads of research material, help from an INSEAD professor and Kellog alumi to review essays. Creative thought and 100% involvement 24/7.
Where I lack?
I am a lazy a%$ who has procastinated app'ing for over 2 years now, with an excuse to "build" a better profile for b-schools.
What I am looking for?
Ethically likeminded (no plagiarism and healthy respect for IP and against thought crime). Creative, bordering on madness and healthy dose of optimism and never say die attitude!
I am terribly optimistic and am targeting some stellar schools, with a simple funda that i'd rather get rejected by a harvard than get accepted into a "Dabba-Bartan" school!
so there ya go.... anyone from b-lore please post or PM me!
p.s: I travel quite a bit, but would be available over mail if not in person!
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