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Hi frens...

"The Hindu" editorial is a part and parcel of CAT preperation. but to my surprise i didnt find any thread which discusses the difficult words in the editorial and discuss abt their contextual meanings..

So as a starting effort and im putting forward my analysis of the editorial of 28th June '05.

You Can also find this stuff in my blog.. i update it daily..

The author of this editorial is Mr.V.K.Krishna Iyer.

The link to the editorial is


Some of the words/phrases which can cause confusion are:

I have left out some words which i could not comprehend the meanings..
so kindly u can fill those for me...
1.> Everest of the Indian Bar.
Here it means that Mr. Fali Nariman is at the peak of the indian judiciary.

2.> Under the auspices
at the occasion of

3.> To bring to light
to enlighten others on that topic

4.> Curial Process
Curial meant cure pertaining to priests..

5.> Intrigues ( Beyond intrigues )
beyond intrigues meant beyond doubt.

6.> inalterable and unamendable paramountcy.
inalterable means which cannot be altered and paramountcy meant the highest rank or authority.

7.> Without a tear.
Withou considering it.

8.> Expounded Another riddle-ridden doctrine.
Expound means eloberate or set forth, riddle means puzzle, doctrine means principle.

9.> Latifundist, feudalist, strangling of agrarian reform.
Latifundist is derived from latin.. Latus means Spacious Fundus means farm.. agrarian means relating to agriculture.

10.> sip every flower and change every hair
11.> Serendipity
Phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for.

12.> Vague, Vagarious, Jurisprudentially
Vagarious means unexpected change, Jurisprudence means branch concerned with law and principles.

13.> Jejune
Lacking in interest or significance.

14.> ipse dixits
an assertion without support or proof.

15.> seared by possible authoritarian anti-socialism.
16.> Judgocratic.
17.> Dubious
doubtful, sceptical.

18.> Arcane
hidden or secret.

19.> Judicial Ukase.
20.> Curial Invention
21.> Statutory exercises becoming a vanishing point of jurisprudence.
22.> Sensitisation
The state of being sensitive.

23.> Kesavananda Vagary.
Vagary means unexpected change in something.

24.> Judicial Riddle.
25.> predilections
Strong liking for something.

26.> Grant a holiday
27.> Tragic obiter
28.> Coup
A brilliant and notable success.

29.> Peril

30.> Judicial Imperative.
Imperative is something which is essential.

31.> Desideratum.
Something desired as a neccesity.

32.> Anathema
Here anathema means seperated or set apart.

33.> Adjudicate

34.> Confide
reveal in private, tell confidentially.

35.> Tentative

36.> Was our wont.

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