An Analysis of management entrance exams held during 2005-06

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An analysis of the good and bad times of 2005-06 *CAT 2005* The first exam to start the onslaught was undoubtedly the CAT, held on November 20, 2005. With a unique question paper pattern, the IIMs not only surprised the students but left...
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Loved Hunk's Presentation and reading all in one post(come on no one would read that long a post/neither an RC even if it means FMS on the other side....)would've been cumbersome
Great Guns.

NMAT 2005(Jan) v/s 2006(the December wallah)
Same No. Of Questions
5 Sections 40 each.Unlike the XAT(something unheard until December)Shock or CAT 2005 it was more of a sprint for 150 Minutes unlike a three legged sack race.
English:40(mostly doable and some of the Questions could be found in some of the Coaching Material).Pre2000 CAT TYPE MIX of VERBAL and READING.
Surprisingly this section was brought to a much more higher and equitable Standard unlike the last year.~25-30 Qs in as many minutes
LOGIC:Critical Reasoning~8-10
Caselets and series the rest~20+ Doable in 25 minutes
Quant:Apna wahi meat n potato Quant unlike the last year all the questions except the 2 with typos could've been done within 40~45 Minutes.
DI:Apna simple Questions,variants to old CAT caselets.(25 Qs 30 Minutes)
GK:40 Questions,no preparation required as such 15-25 doable questions.
(5-8 minutes)
Overall theres been a upward shift of 2-3 marks for the same rank.
Cut Off 81+ highest 128+

What to Expect from the next NMAT?
...Clear QA Fundae;Reasonable Reading Speed;Moderate Practice in DI/Logic will see you through.Expect a very Simple 200 Qs set!

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Good analyses, people...

The analyses of the tests I gave:

CAT05: Lesser questions meant that more questions could've been attempted, but then again, it was a two edged sword. Practice papers had anything from 123 (CAT04) to 180 questions, with over 40 half markers. Such papers made you a bit risky, in that if a half marker is wrong, only 0.165 marks are gone. But CAT05 sent all those risk takers for a toss. Scores came as were probably expected by most.

NMAT05: Much better than CAT, but admin left some to be desired. The questions were mucho easier than CAT, given the one markers. GK/GA was a twister, but the fault there was all mine, didn't know enuff. The shocker came when I lost out on the call by just under 3 marks, within which were enclosed 250 ranks!

SNAP05: The question about marking with pen was the twister. Also, they asked for our opinion on the toughness of the questions - a novel idea, no doubt. Admin left a lot to be desired - the same issues that crept in with IIFT came here. Also, the invigilator moved so slowly that the people at the end of the line in collections had almost 5 minutes more than those in the beginning, before their papers were collected. The questions were quite easy, must say, easier than NMAT. 5 sections, 3 with 1 markers & 40 Qs, 2 with 2 markers & 20 Qs. Negative Marking was 25%, 0.25 for 1 markers, 0.5 for 2 markers.

General English (Including Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability) 40 1 Marker Questions
Quantitative 40 1 Marker Questions
Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency 20 2 Marker Questions
General Awareness: (Including General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Business Scenario) 40 1 Marker Questions
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 20 2 Marker Questions
Total 160 Questions worth 200 marks

What has left a lot to be desired is the way the instis are using these marks. Unlike CAT, and instis using it, instis using SNAP are quite vague, and the management of listing out calls is comparatively haphazard.


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Hmmmm......quite an analysis !!!!

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Since the biggies have been covered well by the_CONSTANTINE,

Snap: Very very easy compared to last time, QA was very simple a boon for Qa dumbos , LR was toughest relatively. GK looked easy baiting alot of us to guess. Eng,DI was easy too..the 2 mark criteria was mocked by giving 1 markers itself. Surprisingly TIME underestimated the cut offs leaving a lot of ppl upset..

Learnings: Overall score is the most imp thing, secitonals not present

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Well, will disagree with most of the junta here.
If XAT was be4 CAT, it was alright for us, to blame XAT for this catastrophe.But after CAT, I think most of us wud haf learnt our lessons.XAT shud not have been a disaster ideally.Agreed that the difficulty level of questions was on a very higher side, still, after CAT, we shud haf known that from now on, ACCURACY is going to be the key...
For those of us who failed to realize that(including me), XAT wud haf been a double nightmare.
Wud still maintain that XAT questions were still solvable(especially the LR part) while CAT was not..
Quants in XAT was skewed towards IIT level, but still, one cud haf found 12 odd qns here n there to clear the cut-off....
English required good judgement n confidence upon Urself....So that too was a good test for any management grad.

So overall, was a good paper(my opinion..whole n sole)with a bit over the top higher difficulty level...If difficulty level had been a notch lower, I wud call this as an ideal mock CAT-2006...

Learning from XAT:
1)U fool me once, I was stupid.U fool me twice, I am no stupid, but a moron.

Learn Ur lessons n don't repeat the mistakes.
2)Accuracy my dear...All exams are now gearing towards it.They want to haf a guy who can say that I haf done 50 n I will get a call, no matter what!Even if paper is of 100 or 150!


Well nothing to tell abt this one.A feel good paper, which has everybody expecting a call.I doubt that there is one single MBA aspirant who has prepared thoroughly for CAT n who is not expecting a call from XAT....Too bad that it gives only 600 calls for its 67 general seats..
Are we missing some surprise factor here....?

Well, we shall know when the calls come n we will start a new thread...."FMS result:Surprises galore"

Keeping fingers crossed..!!

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As of cat 06 and xat 06, it won't come as a surprise if the paper is made subjective...

...another devotee in making omnipotent ... you hang on there bud...:thumbsup:
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Allow me to share my analysis for the exams held this year:

1)CAT: Well..A nightmare come true for most of the students.Focus shifted from picking up easy n solvable questions to Accuracy in difficult questions, which by no means is a healthy sign.
People coming out of the exam halls, n making it to the IIM's will haf a different genre altogether.Talk about a commerce graduate.No matter how exceptional he is, he won't be able to make it thru Quants section or DI of CAT2k5..Verbal goes without saying.Answers were so dubious that even coaching instis took a lotta time to come out with analysis and right answers.Focus is being shifted from aptitude towards rote methods.
Me not a commerce grad, still, it was a difficult bet clearing the DI n QA cut-off.Hats off to those people who cracked CAT.....

1) Even if U are a RAT, be a good Rat.Means, whatever litttle U do, do it perfectly.If U can attempt 60 n be confident of 60, U haf an IIM call in Ur hands..In short, accuracy shud be gr8.

2)Do not go into the exam hall with any fixed mindset.Be ready for a 15 sectional paper, with -1 negative marking n each having 5 questions....In short, do not strategise acc. to paper, beforehand.

3)Never ever lose Ur cool during the exam.

4)Pay less emphasis on formula cramming and more upon application of concepts

Now lets Come to JMET

In my terms, it was an ideal paper, with something for everybody.With no sectionals, it was a paradise.Though as mentioned above, quite a lotta junta were astonished to see their scores n rank(Me being one of them..).
My advice, let fate decide something.From Ur side, to be sure, U can just pay more emphasis on filling the bubbles..Practice that hard...And hope that no miracle happens on D-Day....N ya, revise higher maths.


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Would posting all this in a single post been tough for you?

|| Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity ||
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Puys who have written SNAP/IRMA/NMAT - plz post the analysis

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FMS 2006 (FT)

Like how IIFT relieved the students after a tough CAT, the FMS exam, held on Jan 15th was definitely a big relief to all the students after a torrid XAT.

FMS paper setters were perhaps moved by the students plight in this years CAT and XAT. Career Launcher

* Clearly the focus of the FMS exam was speed more than accuracy as almost all the questions were very easy.

* The Math section made students feel that they were not bad in quantitative ability after all.

* Some questions in the LR part of the paper were ambiguous.

Overall, FMS 2006 was a confidence boosting exam and would have been really a happy ending to all those students for whom FMS was the last management entrance exam (Students appearing for Mah CET may just have to wait for some more time!)

What to expect in FMS 2007?

A tougher paper with clearly defined sections can only be predicted. Since FMS never usually drifts away from tradition, one might see a similar paper next year.

But given the fact that FMS exam is held in comparatively fewer cities than the other exams, more effort could have been put for the better conduction of the exam.
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