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Updated 24 Feb, 2010.

Sharing my GDPI experience held on 10th Feb 10 @ AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL for MBA-Gen

1.Essay-What effect multinational companies have on developing nations?Is there any need to regulate them to check social,economic and environement issues? Timelimit-20 mins

2.GD-Case study about conflict in an organization. 10 students.10 mins.We were sitting in a classroom far apart.2 members (a faculty and a psycologist) to mark.5 min were given to read the casestudy.Everybody was given fair chance of speaking.Those who couldnt properly during GD,they were asked to summerize the discussion.

3.Interview-Three member panel consisting of a industry person,a faculty and a psycologist.

q1-is it good evening or good afternoon(it was 4.30 pm and I wished good evening)
q2-introduce yourself
q3-what is your job profile(I have work ex)
q4-what if u get only 12K per monthafter passing out (to check how I react)
q5-why MBA?Why AMITY?
q6-whats special about Surat?
q7-what is your dream company?what is so good about it?CEO,finacial detail etc
When I was answering this question they cut me in between and said thank you can leave.:splat::splat::splat:

I got through and would be joining MBA-Gen.

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