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Hey CET aspirants. I am here to help you out with any kind of information about Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, Department of MUmbai University. Shoot your queries, doubts ...anything that you feel like asking/sharing... cheers. Bhushan Danani...
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Hi Puys,

Those who are willing to take admission in this college, please think twice before doing so. This college is in a complete mess right now. I am a student of the 2009-2011 batch and had come here with high expectations but this college has given nothing except frustration. There are two main reasons for this..

1.) Our autocratic Director DR RAJESH ARORA who knows nothing about the subjects that he teaches, taught us Selling and negotiation skills in sem 1 and is teaching research methodology now in sem 2. this guy is the most irresponsible director that any institute can have. some of the reasons i say this are
- Never teaches anything that's in the syllabus
- Asks totally out of the world questions which he hasnt even spoken about in the exams.
- Tortures students by taking useless lectures right till one day before exams.
- has asked people to come to college for lectures even in the holidays in between exams.
-Doesnt listen or act upon any feedback or suggestions given to him.
- targets students and harrases them by calling them continously to force them to attend his lecture a day before exams.
-Arranges INDUSTRY meets a week before exams and says that attendance is compulsory.
-Asks people to go for placement brochure distribution randomly in any companies a week before exams by cancelling or asking students to bunk other professor's lectures.
-Frequently cancels lectures and reschedules it as per his whims and fancies
-Even the exam doesnt begin on time in this college- Gets postponed by half an hour and no 1 knows about it.
-Asks people to form stupid committees like catering, student service, library cleaning committee etc.
-Asks other profs to teach his part and discusses stupid things like iceberg model and synopsis for 13-14 lectures, wastes students time.
-Asks students to forcibily write letters against other faculty members and post them to the Vice chancellor and Registrar of University just because some students have officially complained about him in the form of a letter to these two officials. The PRO of the university had visited the campus to take a note of the complaint.
-Threatens to fail students who dont participate in his stupid dumbass ideas and events.(WHo'll participate a week before exams?)
-There are many more points against him which i'll keep on updating here.

2) the second reason is the PLACEMENT COMMITTEE..
- there is a highly inefficient female who runs the placement committee. Just call the college number abd ask for the placement cell and you'll come to know whether the female can speak simple english or not. She talks to the corporates on behalf of the college and brings in offers of 15k -16 k per month for the students.
-Placements are not taken seriously and is full of bais. Favoratism is rampant and students who do asslicking are given multiple chances for interiews while come dont even get one chance...

Again there are many things which are yet unsaid.. Keep posting your queries here and i'll respond as frankly as possible.

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Our Directors message:

Dr. Rajesh Arora
Full profile at :

The field of learning and teaching is like the life course. Every day there is a new challenge. We may or may not recognize or believe, yet we all are perfect learners. We learn to follow our own instinct. What makes the difference to our life is; are we Leader Learners or Follower learners?

The challenges & changing business environment merits that management learners & professionals recognize and research the skills and traits that they don�t possess and hire people who have those. There is nothing wrong to lack certain skills or traits. What is dangerous is to overlook or ignore those skills or traits. The agony increases when they stop identifying and appreciating the same skills or traits in others. The business circumstances today produce enormous challenges. Thinking beyond the realm necessitates creativity and right side thinking towards the way we manage businesses and processes through people. It�s imperative that management education today focuses on those special skills and talents of learners.
The �ABC� of such management education revolves towards overall development of young practicing managers.
�A� for Awareness: Today�s Management Education requires a special emphasis on awareness on study of inherent Talent, Assessment of Industry specific requirements & complimenting skills. This allows an individual to perform multitasking with professional excellence. Acumen towards work- quality enhancement initiatives that merits process study to deliver business results as per organizational set goals is the essence for management learners.

�B" for Behaviour: Behaviour is inculcated with connectivity to our internal thoughts, feelings & emotions. Inculcating sound values by experiencing our internal and external environment allows us to project professionally. Coaching people on ethics & values with high level of involvement in principal and practice of corporate governance is pre-requisite for management learners. Hence constant motivation to our management & research scholars to surround themselves with the people of integrity is essential.

�C� for Enhancement of Cognitive ability: Enhancement of Cognitive ability by procuring conceptual inputs of various streams of management allows choosing a career for a lifetime with intent & interest. Exposure to such key disciplines in Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources & System helps an individual to explore platforms in varied verticals with multi-disciplinary attitude.

Interaction with Industry experts bridges such gaps. It further builds the chance to search for logic & psycho-logic ways of managing varied business situations. Such simulations need to be a part of Management Education. In real sense, contribution of an institute gets evaluated by furthering the advancement of existing management thoughts and practices along with Human Capital enhancement initiatives will reflect in organizations balance sheet, directly or indirectly.

Life is an ongoing process, thus need not to limit oneself by past experiences and expectations. Futuristic approach will facilitate to learn. At Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial & Management Studies an industrious agenda with futuristic thinking is what will make any management learner on campus the most prospective candidate for industry.

[RIGHT]Dr. Rajesh Arora.
Director, ADMIS.[/RIGHT]

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Hey CET aspirants. I am here to help you out with any kind of information about Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, Department of MUmbai University.
Shoot your queries, doubts ...anything that you feel like asking/sharing...
Bhushan Danani.
ADMI 2009-11 batch

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